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i.TV This application is not a new one however, it is not one that we have done a review of in the past. i.TV recently got a very nice update so I decided to check it out. I was rather impressed with the application and thought I would pass it along.

When you open i.TV, you will see a lower menu bar with the options; TV, Theaters, My Media, Search and More. The TV tab is basically a TV guide like grid showing TV listings. Tapping on a listing will take you to more details about the show which includes a bunch of things like a picture gallery, show credits, reviews, and other upcoming showings. You can also tap watch at the top which allows you to set a reminder to watch the show or search Netflix and then you can add it to your Netflix Queue. There is also a thumbs up or thumbs down button in the top right corner which manages content in your “My Media” tab at the bottom.

The theaters tab is all about movies currently playing in the theaters. You can sort them by movie title or theater. There is also a locate button to find the closest theaters. You can also see the same more details page and add them to your Netflix queue.

“My Media” is a list of all your favorite shows, movies, actors & theaters you’ve favorited with the thumbs up button. Then you can see other listings of shows, other movies of actors and all sorts of related info. This is also how you get to your Netflix queue.

Search allows you to search for movies and TV shows that are playing today, upcoming or available on Netflix. There’s also a detailed settings tab to customize the application. The major downfall of this application is the amount of crashes I had during testing. I probably tested it for a good hour and it crashed almost 10 times. I even restarted the iPhone and it continued to crash randomly when the app is running. There is a future update coming to allow live streaming of videos so hopefully with that there will be major bug fixes.

Note: We have spoke to the developer of i.TV and they are working on a fix for the crashing issues. So, keep your eye out for an update!


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  1. I have news I.tv emailed me and told me that they plan to have TiVo dvr only.I will foward the e-mail