Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at AppleiPhoneSchool.com! We hope everyone has a great day full of relaxation and time spent with family! Doug and I traveled all last night and are spending today with family! YAY!

Side Note: Doug broke his iPhone while we were traveling last night (updating Installer…do not ask me why he updated Installer!!) and had to restore to firmware 2.2 with no computer to sync with iTunes (we brought my laptop). So, his iPhone isn’t jailbroke and he is feeling very sad!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Spain!!!!! I used to have the same problem with Installer so I decided not to install it on the new version. I can live with Cydia, its enought ;-)

  2. Updating installer broke my iphone too so didn’t even bother including it in my latest jailbreak. Thankfully I was able to re-syng everything but I feel Doug’s pain :)

  3. DOUG! The same exact thing happened to me about 2 days ago. I was sitting in bed late in the night just messing with my iPhone and i was like, “Hmmm, haven’t been in Installer in a while.” So I went in and I updated it and it seems as if nothing was wrong. I hit the home button to go into my SMS, and i got the little wheel. I just figured it was respringing, yet it did not go away. I rebooted by holding lock and home, but it would never get past the boot logo. I was extremely mad, but i was determined to get it resolved the next day after school. Throughout the day I was looking for resolutions, and I found many possibilities. When I finally got home and sat down to fix it, I let it run a for a little and it reached to home screen one time, froze, and then rebooted again. So i kept leaving it there, and finally it reached to home screen without freezing. I ran aptbackup and backed up via iTunes. I saw it was running a bit slow, so I just took that time to upgrade to 2.2. I guess i was lucky, but I’m not sure how long you let it run to see if it would finally boot or no.

  4. happy TG!

    I would be sad too.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Hope u have a good time with family.

  6. I love the turkey icon… looks vaguely familiar… :P

    Happy Turkey Day!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to AIS, Brooke and Doug.

    I am also very thankful to Apple for the iPhone. Without it, this site would not even exist. Also thanks to DevTeam for the Unlocks, Nullriver for Installer and Jay Freeman (Saurick) for Cydia. Thanks Erica for the iPhone development help.

    Thanks to you all…. :)

  8. hope everyone on iphone school has a safe and happy thanksgiving.

    doug and brooke, thanks for all the good work this past year.

    happy turkey day!


  9. Gobble gobble everyone! When I updated installer it broke my phone too. I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G on 2.1 FW. I just connected to iTunes and let it sit trying to reboot over and over again for about ten minutes. iTunes will finally recognize your phone, and everything will be fine. I didn’t have to update or restore. Hope this helps a few people. I like Cydia now way more anyway, I don’t know why I tried to update installer either! Happy thanksgiving everybody!!

  10. Happy Thanks Giving, kinda strange since Canada had it soo long ago

  11. DJContagious says

    i gave up on Installer after the second update lol,

    happy thanksgiving to you guys too! :)

  12. Happy thanksgving everyone. Hope u all have a good holiday

  13. Doug,

    Come on man, updating Installer?? Why would you want to do that? Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!!

  14. Installer is CRAP !!!!!!!
    Give it up RipDev, Cydia RULES !!!!!!