iPhone Dev Team’s Binary Message

Dev TeamThe Dev team recently posted a binary message on their site and we thought we’d help you figure out what it means. First, you need to know that the code is written in binary. This is the code that computers run on. You can use a binary to text conversion tool found here to convert the code. So the original looks like this: 011101100111010001100001011000100110010101110010001000000011011000110001

After translation you get this: vtaber 61060174

“vtaber” is the word “IGNORE”. It is decoded using ROT13 which is “a simple substitution cipher used in online forums as a means of hiding spoilers, punchlines, puzzle solutions, and offensive materials from the casual glance.” (Thanks wikipedia!)

61060174 is the post number of an article on the Dev Team’s Blog. The article with the code is http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/67687499/2008. If you take the number from above and put it in the address you get http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/61060174/2008.

So what does all of this mean? It means to ignore that blog post. What part, I’m not completely sure. I think it means you can upgrade to 2.2 with iTunes and use QuickPwn and still unlock later. Now don’t go doing this yet, we’ll know soon what the unlock process will be. But if you have upgraded to 2.2 and didn’t use pwnage tool to preserve you baseband, you still may be able unlock. We’ll see soon but I hope this helps you decode the message.

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  1. They added a screenshot of a 2.2 unlocked!

  2. Hope this does unlock upgraded itunes firmwareî„»