WinterBoard Themes and Mods

Available In: cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Below are six themes and two mods that have recently been released in Cydia. The six themes include; Patches (via modmyi), iAdobi (via modmyi), Burnt Paper (via modmyi), oGn (via BigBoss), Apple 2009 (via iSpazio) and Apple 2009 Red Edition. The two mods include; Ice Keys (via modmyi) which is a mod that will change the design of the keys on the keyboard when you select them and Smaller Wide Sliders (via modmyi) which your stock slider bars wider. All of these mods are activated via WinterBoard and below are screenshots of all the mods!


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  1. Thanks for your hard work (taking all the screen shot)…

    Ice Keys was awesome.

  2. Jered ramsey says

    hey how may I download the winterboard thing?I got the 2nd gen iPod touch

    • In order to download winterboard from cydia, your iPod Touch must be jailbroken. You’ll have to wait for a jailbreak method. At the moment there is no way of jailbreaking a 2nd gen Ipod Touch.

      But soon there will be a jailbreak i guess.

    • Jered ramsey says

      ok thank you

    • I heard pusher can jailbreak the 2nd gen ipod touch but im not sure

  3. Bill Raymond says

    How do I get that awesome picture of Doug for my phone. lol


  4. What does jail broken mean, and how does it make these downloads posible. Also is there a way of getting a background picture thing for the slides with out jail braking your iPod?

  5. Btw… Who’s or what’s pusher :)

  6. I put Patches as my theme and i wanted to know how i can have one of my Pictures as my wallpaper because when you put the theme on it automatically sets a wallpaper for the theme

    • Rene, set your wallpaper how you would normally; go to winterboard and select “User Wallpaper”

  7. i set it to User Wallpaper but it still has the patches wallpaperÓźď…any help???

    • Rene,

      Move the User Wallpaper above the theme you are using to set it as a higher “priority.” (Put your finger on the right-most end of the bar and slide it up and down) Hope it works for you. I just figured it out today playing around with it.


  8. How come these app does not show up in my installer program?

  9. glad you like my theme (patches) if you have any questions, you can find all my icons on my webiste (

  10. oh and as for the installer program…you need to use cydia. Installer and Cydia are essentially the same function wise, but have different content.

  11. It looks good