eShaver – Turn your iPhone into an Electric Shaver

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

eShaverWe thought this app was pretty funny and thought we’d share it with you. It’s pretty simple and you can have fun showing it to family and friends. It turns your iPhone into electric shaver. What makes this app good is the realistic sound effects. Notice touching your finger to the screen makes the sound change to a cutting whiskers sound. Here’s a demo video from the developer:

Watch eShaver on your iPhone or iPod Touch

The developer sent us 6 free promo codes to give away to our readers. All you have to do is let us know you’d like a free download code for eShaver in the comments and the first 6 will get them. Just make sure you use your email address in the field when entering the comment.


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  1. I want one!!! I wanna shave my face with my iPhone. How sweet. I wonder if it will work as good as my Braun 7 series.

  2. shake controlll says

    its a great app!!pretty funny and adictive, I really like it!!

  3. shake controlll says

    i forgot to say yeahh!! i would rally like a free shaver!! even more if it can make phone calls too

  4. Can I please have a copy!

    BTW How’s the baby Brooke?

  5. Braden Herring says

    I’d like one.

  6. gimme one :P

  7. Yes me pleas

  8. Darn to late :P

  9. Dustin James says

    i’ll take it

  10. ow Im not YAY!!
    Sorry for the Multi Post but can’t Edit…

  11. SomedayTrue says

    hehe, if there’s a code left, I’d love one… btw, love the site!!!

  12. Horray!!!!! I got it!!!

  13. Congrats to the winners, the codes have been sent!

  14. I got it… thaaaaaaank you .. ;)
    Now the only question is… what do i do with this code? :O

  15. shake controlll says

    I got my code!!!yeah!!

  16. shake controlll says

    please tell me what to do with the code–

  17. Braden Herring says

    Got my code! Thanks!

  18. shake controlll says

    thanks for the info Brooke

  19. shake controlll says

    and happy new year to everybody in apple iphone school!!! from Guatemala

  20. Kevin campbell says

    i’ll take one.

  21. Peter Nguyen says

    i want one!

  22. what about me @@ :(

  23. For all who havent got a code. Try out phoneShaver… its for free!

  24. I’d like 1!

  25. Hi Guys,

    If you have a code left, please send it my way … in France.

    Also, Brooke, when is the baby due ?

  26. LBXshaver is a little bit cooler, it´s for FREE, u got vibration, a stubble control and a shaver gets clogged…;)

  27. A nice idea so you can now bring only one gadget an Iphone with electric shaver…

  28. We get one.The value is sensible. a bit big but full purpose and high efficiency.This one is so easy to clean up, just rinse off and make dry. I’m so enjoy it.