App Store Apps Currently Free – Magic Touch, HTML Colors and Relativity X

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Below are a few App Store apps that are currently on sale that you may want to check out.

Magic TouchMagic Touch – “Magic Touch is a photo retouching application for iPhone and iPod Touch.”
Magic Touch App Store Link

HTML ColorsHTML Colors – “HTML Colors allows you to easily select and preview colors for use in a web page. This program is useful for web developers who want to experiment with colors for their web sites.”
HTML Colors App Store Link

Relativity XRelativity X – “Inspired by curved space, fit the pentominoes (blocks) on the circle tetris style in this puzzle.”
Relativity X App Store Link

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  1. I already had magic touch and it is actually pretty good once you get the hang of it. It does seem a bit too much for the iphone’s processor sometimes, but is overall a really good app. I’m excited about HTML colors though, heading over to get it now ;)

  2. Magic Touch is not free, they are charging .99

    • Yes, it was only free for a limited time. That is usually the case with the App Store apps that we tell you are on sale…you have to get them quick before they go off sale!

  3. For those with nonjailbroken phones who want emoji’s should check out Spell Number in the app store. It’s free and once installed allows users to enable system wide emoji support.

  4. Magic Touch is not Free. it is $0.99 at iTunes store. as Feb. 14th.