Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine's dayHappy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at AppleiPhoneSchool.com!! YAY! We hope you are able to spend the day with that special someone! Doug and I do not have any big plans but, we are going to make pizza and popcorn and snuggle up and watch a movie tonight! :) You will have to let us know in the comments if you got (or gave) anything techy for Valentine’s Day. Oh, and if you like proposed using your iPhone or something super romantic like that…we want to hear about that too!!

Have a great Valentine’s Day guys!

PS. Remember what I said about the box of chocolates or flowers if you are giving that special lady technology for Valentine’s Day!!

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  1. Happy Valentines day Brooke!! Oh, and Douglas too…..

  2. i did propose to someone using my iphone with the Banner app but she thought i was joking! lol