iPicFudger – Photobooth Type Application

iPicFudger is an photo editing application loaded with options! The developer quotes it as being a Photobooth like application. We do not have a ton of details about the application just yet but, it is soon to be submitted to the App Store (or you will be able to get it on your iPhone by other means ;) ). We do not have an ETA on the release date nor any info on what the app will cost but, below is a demo video. If you have the patience to watch the entire video…you will see all the very cool features that the application offers. It looks like it is a nicely designed, feature packed app.

Watch iPicFudger on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. This looks like quite a cool app but for some reason I get the feeling it will be expensive. But you never know I may be suprised :)

  2. You could make a browser app with a loophole so that jailbreaking via mobile safei could once again be possible!

  3. Hey guys I wanted to ask a question about FW 2.2.. My friend has just got a brand new iphone 3g that has FW 2.2 on it but it also has MMS with a red icon like SMS but MMS its not been jailbroken or nothing nor appstore???? He says just plug it into itunes and it downloads it.. I tried but it doesn’t work :(? Anyone else seen this before? and how do I get it??

    • Scotty Gemmill says

      It’s an app called MMS, it’s available in the appstore but too use it u have to type in a special code and your mobile phone number that comes in the text that says you have recieved a MMS. it’s also free :D

    • See comment below.

    • Are u a US coustomer? See if it works to. U got my attention. 

  4. It looks promising, I hope it won’t be too expensive. Looks cool!

  5. ive been praying for an app like this gives me one less reason to use my computer lol

  6. I just bought my wife a 3G about 3 weeks ago. It’s on firmware 2.2 but has no red MMS app icon on it. I would have to see to believe.

    • I don’t know mate, it puzzled me also ?? Unless the guys in the o2 shop did it for him.. Its next to the SMS app at the top he also didn’t know he could move icons.. I’ll ask next time I see him ;)..

    • Scotty Gemmill says

      It’s in the uk appstore :S

    • Yes I found it now but I didn’t know that at first, the guys at the o2 shop installed it for him.. I thought he got it with like the stock apps..


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