CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand

CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On DemandOk, I’m gonna be very honest with you here. I’m not a big sports fan. Ever since Jordan retired from the NBA, I pretty much only watch the finals of any sport. Anyway, if you are a college basketball fan this app is for you. With this app you can stream the video of every game, live from your iPhone or iPod Touch. This only works when connected to wifi but you can listen to audio if you’re on a cellular connection. Along with live video & audio, there are game recaps, bracket info, and up to the minute scores and headlines.

When you first launch the app there are nice graphics showing recent scores. Scrolling up and down lets you browse through the games.


If a game is currently playing you can just tap it and watch it live! Now here’s when the app gets AMAZING! You can check the stats right from the video player. You can also see the current games playing and their scores. Just tap them to switch back and forth through the games. Wow! This is a very nice app. Resolution isn’t bad and as usual with sports, the entire screen is moving fast causing pixelation.

live-game live-game-2 live-game-3 live-game-4

The Brackets tab lets you swipe around the bracket and shows up to date info. For games not yet played, the date and time scheduled for the game is displayed. Tapping on games already played gives you the option to view a recap.


Next, the Scoreboard tab is just that, a simple list of played games and their scores. Tapping on them brings you to a text recap of the game.


Finally, the Highlights tab lists some of the top headlines from recent games.


The downfalls to this app is it expires on April 6th, 2009 at the end of the tournament and video only works on wifi, but if you’re a NCAA fan, this app is worth it.

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  1. KonTheDon says

    i gotta disagree, this app is not worth it. in most cases, if you have wifi, you have a computer also and you can watch all of these games in a higher resolution for free at anyways.

    also, the video on the iphone/ipod is immediately out of sync once you start the video. it gets increasingly irritating when you hear the game 5 SECONDS before you see what happens (it’s like spoiling and defeats the purpose of the video). furthermore, you will get repeated connection errors that require you to restart the connection to the video.

    if you’re listening to the audio feed, you’re gonna either have to disable auto-lock or keep touching your screen throughout the game. the audio will not continue to play while the device is locked.

    i’m not done yet. do you have voipover3g installed on your jailbroken device? well that’s not gonna work. i figured this would be great to watch videos over the 3g using this tweak, but the march madness app isn’t compatible with it. and lastly, while watching a game on my iphone (with it plugged in), my battery still managed to rapidly drain.

    i know its not a necessity, but cbs could have implemented a feature to compare your custom bracket to the actual results. i mean, isn’t that why the tournament is so compelling and getting more and more popular every year? fortunately, i know my bracket inside and out and i don’t need it in front of me to see my results. its no wonder this app has gone from 5 stars merely 3 over a 24 hour span. read the reviews if you don’t believe me. the app works, but is it really worth $5 to you?

    • Thanks for your feedback! I didn’t have the same problems with video or battery that you are having but it’s good to know that some do. I agree on the wifi thing to. If you have wifi, you most likely have a computer near you, but for those who don’t and are at work trying to sneak in the games this is a sweet way to do it.

  2. Da187suspect says

    This is a GREAT app, been using it all day and got the app for free.

  3. KonTheDon says

    ah you’re lucky. i may be having all of these issues cause i have so much crap installed on my iphone. despite all of my issues though, i still used it the entire day so i could watch three games at once :-) (tv, laptop, iphone)

  4. it worked the first time i used it. now it says i have no network connection when i stream video.. worthless

  5. Should be free if it expires in 30 days


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