Finger Twister – The Title Says It All

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Finger Twister So, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the game that has different colored dots and the spinny wheel that tells you where to place your appendages called Twister. Well this app attempts to capture that same concept minus the spinney wheel. Finger Twister is a 1-2 player game that can be pretty challenging as dots appear and move around to different locations on the screen. The one player mode starts out with one dot and then quickly moves to two and then three. The hard part is remembering which finger needs to move to the next dot and doing so with out lifting any of your other digits already occupying other dots.

If you lift the wrong finger even for the shortest amount of time, the game is over. You seem to have all the time you need to move your finger to the next dot once you release the previous dot. When the game ends you have the the option of either starting a new game or continuing the one that you were just on. Two player works much the same way you’re just adding another set of fingers. There are very few options for the game… it really just allows you to turn the sound effects on and off.

This game works pretty well…for the most part I haven’t had any major issues with it crashing or anything like that. However, when you receive an SMS notification, there is no way to close the window without losing the game so that part is kind of annoying. Also, it is a little too sensitive…you literally cannot move your finger from where you placed it sometimes even the slightest pressure change will set it off but. other than that everything work pretty smooth.

Finger Twister


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  1. Have you tried Knots from the App Store, it is free and does most of the things this does. :)

  2. I’m sorry but, when you mentioned the fact that you can’t make the SMS pop-up go away without messing up the game…I totally laughed out loud! :) I can just image getting a pop-up and then staring at the screen (in which all your fingers are “attached” to) and wondering…now what do I do! Haha! :)

    • haha yeah that would be bad however when it happened to me it was still pretty early and i was only using like 2 or 3 fingers but yeah i would hit the close button with one of my free fingers and it wouldn’t close the notification :(