Google Voice App Denied From App Store, Now In Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

GV MobileApple has recently started blocking applications from the App Store that allow your iPhone to use your Google Voice account with calls, text messaging, and voicemail. It seems that one developer has taken this to the next level by releasing an app in Cydia for free. I’d write all about the drama but the fact is, right now, here’s a sweet way to get a Google Voice app on your iPhone. For the record, this app is not made by Google.

The app is called GV Mobile and it’s free! The first version was crashing for me when I would log in but now, after an update, it’s working great! To make an outgoing call you dial the number or find it in your contact list. Once you send the call, your iPhone’s stock Phone app will ring. Once you answer, it will automatically call the number you called but come from your Google Voice number.

The best features of this app are access to text messaging and voicemail. I was very impressed how both apps work just like the stock Messages and Phone apps. What’s nice is the SMS feature doesn’t use up your normal text messages and even better? You can use this on a fake activated iPhone that doesn’t have service. You can’t make calls, but you can access voicemail and text messaging as long as you’re on wifi! If you try to make a call, it will ring your actuall line set up on the account and connect the call. Let us know if this will install on an iPod Touch.

Here’s a couple things I’ve noticed that could be changed. If you’re on a non activated iPhone or just on wifi, you will get no pop up alert. Also, if you don’t have a contact in your Google Voice account but you do have it on your iPhone, it won’t show up in the Google Voice app when receiving a text message. Another thing is you can’t copy or forward SMS messages. You also can’t move around with the magnifying glass when typing a text, so if you mess up, you have to delete all the way back… I’m sure they’ll get this cleared up eventually. We’ll see how Apple & Google respond to this.

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  1. i have interest in your App showing date & time at status bar !
    can u let me know the App name ? thank you

  2. A couple key things worth noting for those that have not ever used Google Voice:

    – Voice calls DO count against your carrier minutes
    – Outgoing text messages are free, but if you don’t turn off the setting to forward SMS messages to your regular cell number (Settings->Phones->Edit->Uncheck “Receive SMS on this phone”), incoming text messages will count against your plan since they are forwarded to the stock Messages app by Google Voice. The downside to doing this is you will have no way of knowing you received a text since neither Google Voice nor GV Mobile make use of Push. With SMS forwarding off, you have to manually check for messages using GV Mobile or the GV web app. However, you can use Growl in combination with Prowl to take care of this, and send you Push notifications when a text is received. Works great. Highly recommended.

    Just thought it important to point out the subtleties of these features, especially the (partially) free SMS, since most articles you read fail to mention it’s not completely free (incoming and outgoing).

    • Just to clarify…

      With SMS forwarding off and Growl + Prowl setup properly, you do get 100% completely free texting (incoming and outgoing) with Push notifications. Goodbye texting plan! :-)

    • I have an iphone 3gs could someone please list how to do this exactly. step by step?

    • great! just got the invitation on my phone

  3. it total Free??

    or it cost little???

  4. iphoneapp4that says

    You forgot to black out all your phone numbers.

  5. iphoneapp4that says

    Oh I guess that is you GV number so who cares you can easily block them. how well does this app work with backgrounder since push was not implemented – cause this is what I NEED to block some calls and create a blacklist type app, but better!

  6. lucky me i got this app from the app store and i really like it 4ne calls get 4warded to my cell sms is easy from the actual app its got good UI. u block calls by setting it up in ur goole voice account. i no longer give out my cell # instead i give my GV # n i can listen to peeps leaving msgs. now my problem is shud i switch to the one available in cydia coz of updates?? the one from itunes is 1.2 n the 1 in cydia is 1.2.2 ama go with cydia hope all goes well

  7. hi,

    I am really wanting that mail icon you have (the red one) I have been loking for it ages, is there a way you could send ir to me??


  8. to poore that google voice working now only with invite…. maybe any body has it ? send it please at… thanks beforehand…

  9. I dont see anything in my account that I can invite anybody. I think its invite only by google.

  10. Anyone help me to use prowl with growl in windows. i m trying receive sms from google voice with the help of prowl notification. I am not able to figure out yet. I already install prowl on iphone and growl on my pc. I also put iphone api on the growl. but it seems its not working. PLZZZZZZZZZZ HELP

    • Have you installed all the necessary add-ons and scripts for Firefox? You need the Growl/GNTP Firefox extension, Greasemonkey, and the GoogleVoiceGrowl Script.

      You also have to keep a Firefox window open on your Google Voice inbox continually for the Greasemonkey script to work. The Firefox window must also NOT have the focus (i.e., click off the window onto your desktop or some other window) for the script to auto-refresh your inbox.

      I installed another Firefox add-on called MinimizeToTray, which does exactly what it’s name implies. It allows you to minimize Firefox to your system tray, that way you don’t have to look at the minimized window in your Task Bar all the time. After installation of the add-on, you’ll see a “Minimze to Tray” option under the “File” pull-down menu. Or you can just hit F9.

      Hopefully that helps. Good luck.

  11. OH…SBsetting !!!
    thank you very much !!

  12. Junaid. A says

    ya, rite now, google voice is only by invitation, you have to contact google for that

  13. iMrNiceGuy0023 says

    I did the (Settings->Phones->Edit->Uncheck “Receive SMS on this phone”) but they still get forwarded to my cell number, how long does it take for it to go in effect?

    • It should take effect right away. I’ve toggled it on and off several times on my account, and it’s worked every time.

  14. I did some testing on my iPod Touch. Obviously, you can’t make or receive calls on the iPod, but you can in fact use the dialer to ring another phone number and connect a call that way. Sending and receiving SMS works fine, as well as listening to voicemail.

  15. anyone can invite me ? since google voice invite only now
    thx in advance

  16. i noticed your block your phone number on the settings page – image 8 (img_9012) – but you forgot to on the texting ones: 4 and 5 (img_9008 and img_9009, respectively).

  17. thompsons8 says

    do i need a google account to use this? Or can i use any email. Be gentle with me iam new to this

  18. Just added my g-voice number to my at&t “a-list”. Waiting the 24hrs for it to verify but I hoping it’s a good work around to get free in and out calls

  19. Hello!
    How do I get a Google Voice account please?
    Thanks in advance.

    • You need to request a invite from google for googlevoice it’s not like gmail where you can send invites from your own acct