Tasker – Location Based Tasks

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Tasker Tasker is a task management application that allows you to keep track of your tasks based on when they start (or are due) and where they occur.

The thing that makes this task application a little different from the rest is that you can view your tasks by where they occur. This is helpful for those times when you are out running errands… instead of wondering what you needed to accomplish while at a specific store, you can click on the Place in the Tasker application and it will display a list of all the tasks for that store. Very cool.

The actual usability of the application is very nice. Tasks are simple and easy to set-up. You just enter a task title, select a Start/Due date and select the place where the task takes place.

There are quite a few options that make entering a task quick including; Today, Tomorrow and Next Week buttons which allow for a one tap date entry, a Next button which allows you to quickly enter the next task without having to go back to the main menu and the ability to set a task to a previously used location.

Once tasks have been entered, they can be viewed by Date or Place. The Date option allows you to see today’s tasks and upcoming task. The Place option allows you to select a location and view all the tasks for that location.

Once tasks have been marked off, they are added to the Completed list which can then be archived.

The app does have a decent amount of Settings. In the Settings you are given the ability to connect the app to your Twitter account, view your archived tasks, reset the archived tasks, select the map type (Map, Satellite, Hybrid), enable/disable the sounds, enable/disable the badge icon and learn more about the app.

This is a no frills type of application, you enter tasks and mark them off. Just the way I like it… keeps things simple.

Tasker is clean, easy-to-use and the location based tasks feature won me over.



App Store Description:

Tasker is a simple, yet powerful task manager for the iPhone and iPod touch. Tasker lets you organize your tasks using the two core elements of any task: When and Where.

✔ Dates

Tasker’s Dates view lets you see all your tasks arranged according to their date in a clean intuitive list. View todos that you need to do today in the “today” section and see all the tasks that are scheduled for the future in the “upcoming” section. You can easily set lots of tasks to start today by going into “Edit” mode in the “All Tasks” list. Just tap on each task you want to start today and its date will be set.

✔ Places

Tasker’s Places view lets you see your tasks as pins on a map so you can easily figure out which errands are near you and where you need to go today. You can navigate through all your tasks on the map using the “previous” and “next” buttons and you can create multiple tasks in one place. Do you have 10 groceries you need to get at the grocery store? Easily see them by tapping on the grocery store’s pin and check them off as you find them in the store.

✔ Twitter

Tasker lets you twitter any tasks you would like to share with your followers. Simply tap the twitter icon in a task and its text will be posted to your twitter account when you check it off. Easily keep your family or friends informed of what you’re getting done today.

✔ Super-fast Task Entry

If you’re anything like us, when you think of one thing to do you can think of ten. Tasker lets you quickly dump all those things swimming around in your head so you can focus on what’s important. Create many tasks very quickly by tapping the ‘next’ button after each. You’ll immediately be taken to another new-task screen.

✔ Sounds and Animations

As you check off a task the list animates and plays a sound to celebrate your accomplishment. The sound effects can be easily turned off in the settings menu if you value peace and quiet.

Learn more at: www.TaskerApp.com

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