Rackspace Cloud

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rackspacecloudThis past year, The Rackspace Cloud has released a ton of API’s for their services. One developer has created an iPhone app that gives you access to your Cloud Servers and Cloud Files remotely. Since we only use Rackspace Cloud Sites, we won’t be using this app much. From what I can tell it is very well designed and simple to use. Best of all, it’s free so check it out and let others know what you think in the comments. Here’s the announcement from Rackspace, link to the app and some screenshots.
Rackspace Cloud

The Cloud Servers application for iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to easily and quickly administer your Cloud Servers on the go, wherever you are. While it’s not a complete replacement for our browser-based control panel or APIs, it does allow for some powerful remote administration capabilities.
Cloud Servers iPhone Application Features

List all the Cloud Servers on your account
View details about each Cloud Server
Create new Cloud Servers (including from any existing backups)
Rename Cloud Servers
Resize Cloud Servers
Perform Hard Reboots
Perform Soft Reboots
Find Cloud Servers by Shared IP Group


Disclaimer: The Rackspace Cloud hosts appleiphoneschool.com

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