Rackspace Cloud

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rackspacecloudThis past year, The Rackspace Cloud has released a ton of API’s for their services. One developer has created an iPhone app that gives you access to your Cloud Servers and Cloud Files remotely. Since we only use Rackspace Cloud Sites, we won’t be using this app much. From what I can tell it is very well designed and simple to use. Best of all, it’s free so check it out and let others know what you think in the comments. Here’s the announcement from Rackspace, link to the app and some screenshots.
Rackspace Cloud
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Rackspace Cloud 1.0 for iPhone

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Rackspace CloudFor those of you who may not have noticed, our host has changed it’s name from Mosso to The Rackspace Cloud. Really, Mosso was always a company running via Rackspace. You can read more about the name change here.

Now, for the iPhone related news. The Rackspace Cloud has recently announced they are releasing API’s. This gives developers the tools and info to create apps that interact with the cloud. Someone has already started developing an iPhone app. Not a lot of details were given, but a lot of screenshots were. Check out the screenshots below. The developer states in the comments on his blog that, “The plan is to submit it this week. It’s currently in the hands of a few people at Rackspace to test and verify functionality.” [Read more…]

Site Repaired. Thanks to Mosso & Ryan!

Apple iPhone SchoolAfter a long upgrade process we are now on WordPress version 2.7. We were having troubles with plugins working on our site, but not just one. It seemed after we activated a lot of plugins, our control panel would crash. Ryan from Mosso figured out that we needed to tweak our .htaccess to allow for more memory. Thanks to Mosso’s scalability, we were able to up the memory and now we are problem free! We are one step closer to our new site design. Again, big thanks to Ryan from Mosso for figuring this out and to all the others out in Twitterspace that tried. Thanks to the readers for being patient with us. With the new wordpress install comes new features which helps us write faster.

Don’t forget, use the promo code: IPHONE and get $100 credit on your second month of service.

A Man, an iPhone, and the Cloud

Grid Today

As I said in our video podcast, we recently did a case study with Mosso, our hosting provider. This in turn spawns interviews with news and blogs. Grid Today is a website all about the type of hosting that Mosso provides. Derrick Harris recently interviewed us and published the following article as a result.

In some ways, it is the story of the American dream: husband and wife from a small Iowa town embark on a project as a hobby; project slowly builds a following; and, before you know it, the project becomes the most popular entity in its niche, turning a side project into a profitable business. [Read more…]

AppleiPhoneSchool is Feeling Much Better!!

AppleiPhoneSchool Thanks to Mosso, AppleiPhoneSchool is doing much better! Since yesterday, you should no longer be experiencing any lag while viewing the site. Please let us know in the comments if the site is running better for you. Also, last night, Conrad from Mosso fixed our comments! YAY! You should now be able to leave a comment and it will show up immediately! Please remember to keep comments G rated (sorry, had to throw that in there). :)

Another AWESOME new features we have just implemented here at AppleiPhoneSchool, is a new page system. Adam (remember our new programmer) has just finished coding us a new page system. It will take some time to get it implemented into the entire site however, you can check it out on the SimplifyMedia, ParkingLot and Text pages. Basically this allows for a static page for all the info about an app. For example, the ParkingLot link is appleiphoneschool.com/parkinglot These pages include feature lists, source, bugs, wish list, add to iAppCat button, screenshot, star rating system, and a video review. Remember to vote using the stars below the screenshot!