AppleiPhoneSchool is Feeling Much Better!!

AppleiPhoneSchool Thanks to Mosso, AppleiPhoneSchool is doing much better! Since yesterday, you should no longer be experiencing any lag while viewing the site. Please let us know in the comments if the site is running better for you. Also, last night, Conrad from Mosso fixed our comments! YAY! You should now be able to leave a comment and it will show up immediately! Please remember to keep comments G rated (sorry, had to throw that in there). :)

Another AWESOME new features we have just implemented here at AppleiPhoneSchool, is a new page system. Adam (remember our new programmer) has just finished coding us a new page system. It will take some time to get it implemented into the entire site however, you can check it out on the SimplifyMedia, ParkingLot and Text pages. Basically this allows for a static page for all the info about an app. For example, the ParkingLot link is These pages include feature lists, source, bugs, wish list, add to iAppCat button, screenshot, star rating system, and a video review. Remember to vote using the stars below the screenshot!

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  1. Hey you two, just wanna say ive surfed alot of sites for iphone modded apps and info and you guys are doing awesome. i visit your site at least 4 times a day. love the updates….keep up the good work….

  2. So what exactly is the “page” feature? Je ne comprends pas?

  3. cool_guy says

    wow! the new page system is simply awesome!! very professional!! can’t wait for it to be implemented fully….!

    the website is certainly loading faster then before…

    thanx for all the work guys!

  4. add iZoo to the list!

  5. byronchurch says

    great progress you guys are gona be gillionairs ! Have fun !

  6. I mailed you guys about 1 or 2 weeks ago about your wordpress blog and how you manage to use the application pictures as tag-references on the left.

    I never got a reply. I really need this to build the homepage of our church congregations, and because there are more than 1 i need 1 page for each one…. i wanted to solve this with tags… a main page with all “church news” and pages that only show the ones concerning each congregation.

    Plz answer my mail or write me back via email or contact me via my homepage

  7. doug. what are you going to do about they stole your code

  8. yeah now it much faster from the iPhone ;-)
    good job mates. Ty

  9. thanks for the answer. Can all wordpress themes have a page for each category? Do categories mean that you can NOT have a page with 2 or 3 categories at the same time, like you would be abtle to have it with tags?

  10. William shewfelt says

    wow u guys r awesome

    If u wanted u guys could probably find a way to make money on this like start a magazine or something

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Cool! Good to see your site running better!

    But Mosso charges a great fortune for hosting. Have you guys tied up or something for free hosting with Mosso and put the Logo on the page….

  12. Still a bit flakey here I’m afraid. Wondering if it’s just UK users?

    • cool_guy says

      well, I’m a UK user too but I can see the difference! faster + smoother loading for me! :D

  13. The site is still sooo slow !!!

  14. The site speed has improved some, but definitely isn’t zippy.

  15. hey thanks for fixing this i love this page see it like a hundred times a day beacuse your are always updating thanks!

  16. oh srry and THANKS ADAM!

  17. Sites Running much faster for me. love andrews idea and love the wish list, video,repo and catagory information.

    Ps. Will you have a video on all apps when this is release to the whole site?

    Pss. you guys have to make more money of this!!!!

    Great Job, Matt

  18. The site works so much better now:) Thanks a lot you two, and to Mosso too!

  19. great :D

  20. Paulo T M says

    You are great!!! tank you so much!!! you are a mix of competency , inteligency and a great heart!!!!

  21. I really like the updated iPhone version of the site. How did you make the link to force mobile safari to use the normal site? We’ve been neglecting our iPhone version of the-iBlog I’m afraid to admit. :(