A Man, an iPhone, and the Cloud

Grid Today

As I said in our video podcast, we recently did a case study with Mosso, our hosting provider. This in turn spawns interviews with news and blogs. Grid Today is a website all about the type of hosting that Mosso provides. Derrick Harris recently interviewed us and published the following article as a result.

In some ways, it is the story of the American dream: husband and wife from a small Iowa town embark on a project as a hobby; project slowly builds a following; and, before you know it, the project becomes the most popular entity in its niche, turning a side project into a profitable business.

With respect to the cloud computing technology that underpins the Mosso platform, Porter says he is only generally familiar with it, but definitely is sold on it. In its early days, transparency of the cloud is key, and letting users without master’s degrees in computer science work without having to worry about the inner workings of the platform is a surefire way to attract customers. The only issue Porter has had thus far has been having to make changes to IP addresses in the code in order to keep an application from calling the Mosso VM, but, of course, Mosso always helps him make those changes. “That’s the only problem I’ve ever had with the cloud part of it,” he says. “Otherwise, I’ve never had any issue with it being slow; it has not affected any type of configuration or anything. It all still works the same from my endpoint.”

Just ask Douglas and Brooke Porter, whose Apple iPhone School is among the Web’s most popular destinations for folks looking to get the most from their super-trendy cell phones. Just a guy who had tried to start a few gadget-oriented sites utilizing Google’s AdSense program, Douglas Porter says he never expected iPhone School to take off. In fact, he wasn’t interested in doing much with his new iPhone other than using it as packaged. But some people he knew online were changing some features — “you can call it hacking,” says Porter — so he threw together yet another site, this one mixing blog content with news, videos, demonstrations and the like.

Visit Grid Today’s Website to read more…

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  1. congrats guys on your success.

  2. i remember when i came to this site a long time ago when hacking an iphone wasnt that popular and then i come back and it is very popular… ur website is my homepage because i check it so much! great work guys

  3. Mke maddox says

    click the ads! And buy!! Go AIS

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’ve actually wondered if you two did this as a hobby or a job. It’s a great site either way.

    I’m actually thinking of adding a CSS stylesheet to my site so that it looks as good as yours does on the iPhone. Do you have any recommended resource links for iPhone web design?

  5. William Shewfelt says

    wow! I wish this was my job.

    You guys have done very well for yourself, and this site has a very special place on my springboard and web browser :-)

  6. atrophic says

    I had no idea you guys lived in Ankeny. I live a few miles away in Johnston. Now that I know you guys are close by let me know if you ever want web development help. I’m a web developer by day (and just awesome by night…).

  7. Ned Smitty says

    Sweet guys :-)

  8. that’s you call a success story. good job guys! and thank you for your time & effort in doing this, sometimes you had to take the bullet for us, install an app not knowing it will give you the dreaded SOD you end up restoring your iphones – for us! i’m sappy now.

  9. Congrats guys! You run a wonderful site. It’s the first I check in the morning, and dont download / upgrade any apps until I have read your reviews!

    Well Done!