Site Repaired. Thanks to Mosso & Ryan!

Apple iPhone SchoolAfter a long upgrade process we are now on WordPress version 2.7. We were having troubles with plugins working on our site, but not just one. It seemed after we activated a lot of plugins, our control panel would crash. Ryan from Mosso figured out that we needed to tweak our .htaccess to allow for more memory. Thanks to Mosso’s scalability, we were able to up the memory and now we are problem free! We are one step closer to our new site design. Again, big thanks to Ryan from Mosso for figuring this out and to all the others out in Twitterspace that tried. Thanks to the readers for being patient with us. With the new wordpress install comes new features which helps us write faster.

Don’t forget, use the promo code: IPHONE and get $100 credit on your second month of service.

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  1. Good stuff. I was about to tell you to get error logs from your web hosts web server, or even enable PHP logs. At least you got it working. Cheers.

  2. DJContagious says

    Ryan is a life saver! :D