AT&T’s MMS Annoucment Displays 1st Gen iPhone (which doesn’t support MMS) #fail

##ICON_NAME## Doug noticed that the image AT&T uses on the MMS Launch Day Press Release displays a 1st generation iPhone. Why is this a problem? The first gen iPhone doesn’t even support MMS. Major #fail on AT&T’s part! Seriously guys… seriously?



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  1. you wrote, “The first gen iPhone doesn’t even support MMS.” Actually, it does if jailbroken. It’s that Apple decided not to support MMS on the phone for whatever reason.

  2. Randall Jones says

    I think some where on that page it said “i r smart”.

  3. FAIL….LOL.

  4. Perhaps they should get the guy that reviews stuff at apple (who disapproved E-Wallet because of an I-phone icon) to review their materials prior to posting.

  5. Well, it is AT&T.

  6. hhahahahahahahaha this isnt a fail its more of apple being a fag for nt letting the origional iphone having mms even tho it can because if u jailbreak it will work…and apple and att want to give all the original iphone users hope that it might work and then crush their dreams

  7. just sync your phone and get it today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. priceless

  9. Maybe the people that take pictures for the advertisement only had the first generation iphone…Regardless,someone at ATT needs to get their act together.

  10. Well, thats a bit of a slip-up of AT&T. Makes you wonder if they actually take time to inform themselves

  11. The Digital Alchemist says

    So while we’re talking about MMS on a jb first gen iPhone, what app(s) do people prefer to use?

  12. Well i guess even at&t is trying to say “apple is lying about the fact that mms is something software based and ofcourse works on 2g too”
    i have a 2g iphone and using iphone’s official (not a 3rd party) mms interface.

  13. Lol it DOES support it, Apple was just being dumb

    Funny to me how Apple Engineers supposedly can’t get MMS on a iPhone yet a third party developer can (SwirlyMMS)