Apps Currently on Sale – PDF Expert, iStat, ROLANDO 2, NFL 2010 and More

##ICON_NAME## There are currently a few applications that are on sale in the App Store so, I thought I would let you know about them all in one post. Below are the apps, a quick description of the app, theie original and sale prices and a link to the App Store. Some of these sales are for a limited time.

PDF Expert PDF Expert ($3.99 down from $4.99) – “A professional PDF document reader solution for the iPhone. PDF Expert extends PDF viewing capabilities of the iPhone along with a large set of professional functions including saving PDF email attachments, full text document search, support for password protected documents, navigation through embedded PDF bookmarks and handling for large PDF files.”
PDF Expert

iStat iStat ($0.99 down from $1.99) – “Battery Stats, iPhone stats, Remote Mac, Linux & Solaris monitoring and Network tools. Remotely monitor CPU, memory, disks, temperatures, fans, uptime and load averages of any Mac… from your iPhone. iStat can use either Bonjour or TCP/IP to connect to any number of Macs running iStat Server. A Linux & Solaris version of iStat Server is also available. Please note some features such as temperatures are not yet supported on Linux/Solaris.”

ROLANDO 2 ROLANDO 2 ($5.99 down from $9.99) – “The sequel to the iPhone Game of the Year has arrived in style! Get ready to roll as you guide a massive cast of characters on a funky new quest filled with action and surprise behind every touch.”

Fastlane Street Fastlane Street Racing ($0.99 down from $3.99) – “Get ready for Fastlane Street Racing a high speed arcade racing game on the go. Weave through traffic in winding city routes and improve your driving on high speed race circuits. Incredible sense of speed and beautifully rendered surroundings makes Fastlane Street Racing one of the most polished racing titles available on the iPhone.”
Fastlane Street Racing

NFL 2010 NFL 2010 ($2.99 down from $4.99) – “Enjoy a 100% authentic NFL game experience with real teams, real players and real action. Whether you’re are a fan of the Steelers, Cardinals or Cowboys, you can lead your favorite team through an entire season and battle for the ultimate prize: The Super Bowl.”
NFL 2010

I Dig It I Dig It ($0.99 down from $1.99) – “Fallen on hard times, farmer Lewis converts an old bulldozer into a fantastic high-tech “diggin” machine. Help him dig up stuff to sell (60+ unique diggings) in a race against the clock to pay the mortgage and save the farm (campaign mode). Manage fuel, temperature, and damage while searching for diggins. Sell them at the farm house to earn cash. Save cash to pay the mortgage, upgrade your digger, or make repairs. Use the on-screen “analog” joystick, or touch-screen to control digger movement. Watch out for rocks and caverns that disrupt your path.”
I Dig It

iTalk Recorder Premium iTalk Recorder Premium ($1.99 down from $4.99) – “WAY more than a “voice recorder”… whether you just want to recall a conversation later, or are serious about capturing the sounds around you, Griffin iTalk is the app you need for your iPhone or 2G iPod touch (2G iPod touch requires Apple Stereo Headset or similar compatible headset). Your recordings are saved for replay on your iPhone or iPod, and you can use iTalk Sync (a free download available at to drag-and-drop them as high-quality AIFF files to your computer over a Wi-Fi connection.”
iTalk Recorder Premium

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  1. The NFL application is very cool. Thanks…. i like it very much