AiS Technical Difficulties

AiS Hey guys, you may have noticed that articles keep appearing, disappearing and reappearing from our website today. You are not going crazy (though, I thought I was for a while)… we are having some technical difficulties. We will get things back to normal as soon as possible. Doug does all that website building/fixing stuff so it’s up to him to fix it! :)

PS. For those of you wondering (Nate and Alan) why we would take a vacation in Wisconsin (we were on vacation last week)… it is because there is this ten mile stretch of nothing but apple trees and orchards that I love to go to! We go in the fall because the drive is absolutely beautiful and the orchards are at their prime. We did get snowed on this year which was crazy. Below is a pic (before it all melted). The only bad part about taking a vacation in the middle of nowhere is sketchy internet… it was terrible!

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  1. Cory Gillmore says

    Screw the snow. That’s a bad motorhome!

  2. That explains it. And besides, that motorhome is awesome…Have fun…

  3. Correction, hope you had fun…

  4. I want a cool motor home too :(

  5. gosh talk about an apple freak all apple all the time. are you not carrying this apple craze to far? LOL I am a bad boy

  6. Doesn’t look like camping to me.. Your house has wheels! :)

  7. Too bad Dave Price didn’t run into you 2 – he could’ve ridden in style, for a while. FYI, Dave Price is the local weatherman on The Early Show (CBS) who was dropped off on Santa Monica Pier with $50, a Blackberry, laptop, and not much else. He had to make it back to NYC in 7 days. Cross-countryed from CA to Nevada and up to Wisconsin before catching a short flight to DC and train back to NYC. Dave twittered the entire time, looking for rides and odd jobs to earn money to get him home. It was great, and he commented the most amazing part was the people he met on his journey. At one point, he did share a ride in a RV with a pit bull as a companion.

  8. Wow.. That’s a lot of snow x)