Promo Code Giveaway – Scanner Pro and BookReader

##ICON_NAME## Happy Friday! This afternoon, we will be giving away five promo codes in our twitter account… There will be three promo codes for Scanner Pro, an application that transforms the iPhone into a portable PDF scanner (check out a review of Scanner Pro HERE) and there will be two promo codes for Book Reader, a sleek, well designed e-book reader (check out a review of BookReader HERE).

So, keep your eye on our twitter account for a chance to pick up a free copy of Scanner Pro and BookReader… both are very good applications… you will want to check them out.

For more info on how to redeem promo codes, check out THIS article.

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  1. oooh!! I want!! :D


  2. Woohoo!! I got one of the Scanner Pro codes to work!! Thanks a million! That was a fun way to use my new Twitterrific app that I got free from this morning! I look forward to using Scanner Pro as well.

    Thanks for doing the give away!