Despite Lawsuit, Verizon Continues Bashing AT&T & iPhone

AT&TDespite the recent lawsuit from AT&T, Verzion has released another round of commercials just in time for Christmas depicting the iPhone as just another misfit toy because of it’s lack of 3G coverage. I’ll admit that 3G coverage is limited, but I’d rather have the iPhone over the DROID or other Google Android Phones I’ve used. It’s just not an iPhone…

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  1. Just saw this…I was like what happened to the lawsuit lol

  2. Thats pretty bogis that verizons makin fun of them. But then they turn around and ask for a verizon iphone? Thats not rite

  3. I hope it gets att to quit eating up all of the iphone success and finally invest in their 3g coverage..It is total bs how they charge you $10 more even if you dont live anywhere near their skimpy 3g coverage…

  4. has anyone else been having edge instead of 3g in the east coast i always used to get all bars on my iphone now im down to 1-3 bars of edge..whats going on?

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  6. Dancrossin13 says

    I love the iPhone and as the number of sales of the iPhone grows Verison and everyone else can see that were buying the iPhone not the crappy AT&T network.
    Verison is driving a wedge between AT&T & Apple’s iPhone because they want the best smart mobil device on the biggest network.
    And that’s only right…in my opinion.