Shazam Releases Paid Version, Encore

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

Shazam EncoreOk, I’m to sure I like this to much. Shazam is the sweet, FREE app that allows you to see what song and artist is playing by sampling a clip using the iPhone’s microphone. I’m only guessing, but if they were smart they would make commission from every song they sell through iTunes. Apparently that’s not enough money. I’m sure it’s not cheap to have an unlimited subscription to a service that tags almost all songs. Either way, $4.99 seems like too much for their new, paid version. It’s supposed to be faster and have unlimited tagging. The free version, for new installs only, will be limited to 5 tags per month. If you already have the app, it works like it always has. We weren’t able to do deep testing as neither app would work for us tonight.

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  1. $4.99 or 5 tags a month, huh? That’s too bad. Just when Shazam was becoming a household name they went and did a thing like that. Pity.


    • If you are a new installer for the free version you’ll get 5 tags a month. $4.99 for unlimited. If you already have it installed, then you get unlimited for free.

  2. Actually, those of us that already got it are lucky. Shazam has always charged on the other mobile platforms if I recall correctly.

  3. I think it’s pretty much BS that they go and do this

  4. I use it once a month, so free version would still work for me. I think if you were tagging songs all the time, the price would be fine.

  5. You say:
    “If you already have the app, it works like it always has.”

    Does this mean that upgrades to the currently owned free app would remove this functionality?
    For example, I still run v1.6 so I’m wondering if an upgrade to v1.8 will place the 5-tags-per-month limit on me…