The Truth About AT&T vs. Verizon

##ICON_NAME## AppleInsider has published an excellent article that compares AT&T’s network to Verizon’s network. The article gives information about the difference between the two companies and their coverage. Definitely an article you will want to check out. You can view the full article HERE.

This historical setting allows Verizon to compare its entire data network against just the faster portion of AT&T’s 3G mobile data network while ignoring AT&T’s existing 2.5G network that approaches Verizon’s EVDO in speed. By only comparing the newest segment of AT&T’s network, Verizon can advertise “3G maps” that are technically accurate, but grossly misleading to users who want to obtain data service to download email and access the web.

It also appears that Verizon is counting its service areas providing less than Rev A service as part of its 3G coverage, when in fact these deliver about the same performance as AT&T’s EDGE service.


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  1. Take it from someone who used to be on AT&T, now on Verizon. AT&T’s network just plain sucks, terrible coverage and terrible speed. IPhone fanboys can spin the maps any way they want, the truth is the Verizon network is clearly better.

    • Maybe you just live in a sucky place. Where I live At&t has always had the best service. Been an At&t customer for over 10 years now.

    • i own an iphone and i completely agree. the service is GARBAGE. my calls are constantly dropping and it takes forever to use anything that requires an internet connection. even if my phone says i have 5 bars the speed feels as if its only on 3.

      i split my time between New York and Baltimore, not just any rural area.

  2. It’s not about it being better it’s about the ads being acurate and wether they are misleading ppl

    • The Verizon ad CLEARLY states 3G coverage, not EDGE coverage. If a person is paying attention, they will not be misled.

  3. When I was with AT&T for a year after being a faithful T-Mobile client for 7 years it made me realize that AT&T is only full of broken promises. They don’t respect their new clients, and their signal is very terrible. I went back to T-Mobile and I’m very happy with their customer service and 3G speeds. I shouldn’t of never left my carrier for AT&T.

    • “shouldn’t of never”? Removing the double negatives we get “should of always”. Removing the misuse of “of” where “have” is obviously intended we get “should’ve always”. So based on your bad experience with AT&T you should’ve switched sooner??

      I think you mean “should’ve never”.

  4. I switched to AT&T to get the iphone and now drop calls ALL THE TIME. I drop them in the same places when driving, and they also drop randomly. Switching back at expiry of the contract, probably to a Droid or at least unlocked iPhone.

  5. I have a Verizon data card which i use for my main source of internet where i live in the country. Although the network seems reliable i am not happy with my 3g speed that is between 500-700 kbps. I personally feel that verizon is alway got the thottle turned back so their customers wont complain that one minute they were getting blazing fast speed and the next they were getting the average speed. Last month att put in 3g in the town above me and i am able to pick it up on my iphone at home with a yagi beam antenna and a cellular amp. It is about twice as fast as my verizon with far less signal. I have clocked speeds from around 1300-1700 kbps. I know it is probably better to have a slower 3g speed to no eat up the 5 gig bandwidth fast, but when i want to watch a youtube or something on hulu the verizon always buffers and lags. I am considering switching my data card to att once my plan runs out on verizon. I’ll just have to see how the network continues on my phone first.

  6. Dancrossin13 says

    AT&T got really lucky with the iPhone but if Apple & Verizon hook up AT&T will be really sorry even if AT&T still has iPhones in their line up. But this battle of the carriers is really good for us consumers cause AT&T will be forced to step up their game.
    But I’m still taking my iPhone to verison when I can.

  7. It’s not misleading people. Verizon’s map is of 3G coverage. EDGE is data, but is NOT 3G. Therefore, their map and commercials are completely accurate.

    • They’re accurate, but they’re misleading. That’s what misleading means. Most people will see those commercials and think that AT&T has less data coverage than Verizon, which is untrue.

  8. While Verizon may have a larger scope of coverage, ‘Will’ hit the nail on the head. They throttle their speeds back. There is no doubt in my mind that Verizon’s 3G speeds are slower. AT&T may not cover as large of an area as Verizon, but in the places that you do get 3G, it is lightning fast. I can’t argue that Verizon is less reliable, because I used to have their service and I never dropped a call. With AT&T there is one place in the middle of nowhere(on my drive home) that I drop service, other than that I always have full 3G and it is without a doubt faster than Verizon’s. Using mobile web and other internet services from my previous Verizon smartphone was just terrible compared to browsing on my iPhone with AT&T.

  9. All of the AT&T haters can go to T-Mobile or Verizon, who cares really? If you don’t live in a large market, your service isn’t going to operate as well. Because these compaines support areas where there are PEOPLE. I have had all of them, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. I have lived in Los Angeles, traveled extensively up and down the west coast, Florida, New York and DC. I have never had drop calls or problems with AT&T on either the West Coast or East Coast. Although Verison service was good for me out west, my customer service experience SUCKED! Verizon’s “AT&T” map is misleading, period. I also travel overseas and AT&T has better worldwide coverage than Verizon. If you want Verizon, get a DROID, otherwise stop complaining about something you cannot change or when AT&T does anything. NO I DO NOT WORK FOR AT&T. I have no complaints.

    • Florida New York and DC is on the East Coast

    • TheReal007 says

      Ok Wes, English major. Correction: I have lived in Los Angeles and traveled up and down the west coast, additionally I’ve traveled to Florida, New York and Washington, DC with no problems. (How about that?) Geez.

  10. I don’t know how Verizon is but I will say I get good 3G speeds where I live with AT&T. Everyone else seems to hate AT&T but I will say my experience has been good. I don’t think they are the cheapest though.

  11. I have been a loyal AT&T customer since they were cingular. And thought they might not have the coverage their plans are some of the best plans available for the iPhone any where in my opinion. I don’t have tethering and still manage to use an average of 3.5 gigs a month. Look at all the other carriers that have iPhone plans. None offer unlimited data. I use my iPhone for pretty much every thing and I’ve never recieved any complaints from AT&T for excessive use. I could only imagine being on another carrier and having to watch my data usage. As long as AT&T keeps unlimited data I’ll stay a loyal customer. I can’t wait to see bow much verizon iPhone plans will be. I suspect they’ll be very very expensive.

  12. The previous post was from my iPhone so you’ll have to excuse all the misspellings.

  13. well my provider is better than yours! haha I don’t care but above it says nevada does not have 3G for At&t (more or less) but I live in nevada and have great 3G coverage!

  14. I have been with AT&T when it was Cingular,and i cannot complain about the service,but i do live in Los Angeles where the coverage has to be on top of its game,the only thing i do not like is that at any sports venue,the signal goes from 3G to Edge then back to no signal at all,i can get text,but no data,but only inside venues,outside it works well. Go Figure.

    Services are just different in every area,so whatever works for you is what you should use of course,iphone or not.

  15. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and travel throughout the West and East Coasts (Major Cities). I used to have Verizon and have been with AT&T for the last two years. Not only are the data speeds MUCH FASTER but, the coverage is on par or better for all of the metropolitan area I go to.

  16. Wireless_Baby says

    If you dont like the service, then drop it. Go somewhere else. No one really cares why or when… Iphone, Droid, Crackberry…big deal. What ever works best in the areas that you will be in most, then go with it.