AT&T Releases New Commercial Targeting Verizon

##ICON_NAME## Despite losing the lawsuit against Verizon, AT&T has released a new ad titled Side by Side that specifically targets Verizon. The commercial stars actor Luke Wilson and compares four features of AT&T and Version; The nation’s fastest 3G network, The network that lets you talk and surf the Web at the same time, The most popular smartphones and Access to more than 100,000 apps?

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  1. Woooow…., that is all I can say.

  2. What a bummer!!!.
    Can’t talk & surf while using the DROID???
    Forget about it!!!

  3. Lol! “Hey, they got one.” (:

  4. THAT WAS LAME!!!!

  5. That’s the best they could do; glad I went back to verizon…

  6. Do u keep your number when u switch networks?

  7. I never pay attention to this commercial until they say verizion for some reason.

  8. I’m so sick of these idiot commercials. Wilson is awful. Verizon is the winner here.