Police Scannner 1.2.2 Update

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Police ScannerA recent update to an application called Police Scanner got my attention to the app. Although it’s been out since March of this year, I’ve never seen it. With over 100,000 apps in the App Store I’m not sure now that happens. /sarcasm I checked out the app and read that I could check out if stations were available in my area before I purchased the app. You just visit radioreference.com and you can find your area. Awesome for me because city, county and highway patrol are all available in my area.

A great feature of this app is the near me option. This uses your current location to find scanner streams near you. This becomes very useful when traveling and you can even favorite channels and see them in a separate list. Also very useful, and one of the recent updates, is a list of police codes commonly used when communicating back to dispatch. The stream continues when you move around the app so can keep listening while viewing the codes.

Of course, if you’re jailbroken, this app gets even better with backgrounder. The app runs great in the back ground and runs fine on 3G and even EDGE connection.

Police Scanner


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