We’re Back

##ICON_NAME## Now that all the Holiday craziness is over, we are getting back into the swing of things here at AiS. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Doug got a $25.00 iTunes Gift Card in his stocking and he got a blue-tooth headset… other than that not a ton of iPhone accessories. Let us know in the comments if you got an iPhone, iPod touch or any cool accessories for Christmas!

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  1. Hey I finally got an iPhone 3GS white 32GB pay and go

  2. I got a £15 iTunes card and some new headphones.

  3. I gots me a new iPhone 3G Black 8GB. Not enough for a case though.

  4. I got the MotoRokr S9-HD stereo bluetooth headset and I love them!

  5. Got my son an iPod touch for Christmas. He hasn’t stopped playing with it since he opened it!

  6. Got rocketfish wireless headphones fo iPhone but the don’t work…. I have an iPhone first generation

  7. $50 iTunes gift card for me. :-)

  8. I got a 25$ mastercard giftcard. That i used to buy a new speck candyshell case for my iphone

  9. Got My GF a 16 3GS white n then had her check out ebay for cases, she liked 1 i got it 4her n now just getting her Iphone themed out and customized and showing her the ropes gives me a warm feeling. (i already have a 16 3GS)

  10. Glad you are back. Can you look into the problems folks are having with Cydia. It seems to crash. It started when you open Cydia and then after two minutes it will close. More then a few hundred folks are having this problem. As far as I can tell Jay Freeman has not yet responded to this problem.

  11. got a windows phone and got iphone

  12. The Digital Alchemist says

    I bought myself a cheap ($24.95) Jabra BT headset that doesn’t make me look too much like a borg, and picked up an app to manage all my pics on all of my phones without having to use iTunes.


  13. Got Mophie Juice Pack Air for my 3GS :)
    And some other nice gadgets…very happy! :)


  14. theiphonerocks says

    north face etip gloves. amazing amazing amazing and hard to find bc sold out everywhere :)

  15. Is there any way to review delete MSG’s on iPhone 3GS 16GB?