DIY $2 iPhone Car Mount

hammerIf you have the money for an iPhone, and the money for the monthly plan, I’m not sure why you would need to skimp on a $2 car mount but maybe it’s cause both drained you of your money. Anyway, if you’re looking to make a cheap mount out of PVC pipe, craft foam, and plastic coated wire follow the step by step instructions and in 10 minutes, you’ll have you’re very own car mount!



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  1. Genius!!! wish I hadn’t just spent £40 on an iPhone dock/fm transmitter ;(

  2. Or if you want one that will fit any and all vehicles, go to ebay, search “iphone car mount,” and you can find them for $4.95 including shipping.

  3. Wow, this is so ugly : P

    • lol, its cost efficient and simple. still pretty cool. Check out the GOgroove Flexpod it gots all the essential must haves for using your iphone in your car. very cool too

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