ProSwitcher – Palm Pre-styled Application Switcher

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

cydiaBackgrounder is a really great hack for the iPhone. It lets you keep an application running in the background even when you hit the home button to close it. This is great for apps like Pandora and other music apps or anything else you might want. The annoying part for me has always been moving around between those apps. Usually I just use the search to find them because I have so many pages of apps I don’t want to scroll around looking for them. One newer feature of backgrounder displays a badge on the icon of the apps running in the background so you know what’s still running. Now with all of that said, a new app helps streamline all of this called ProSwitcher.

This app has a ton of customization that I could talk about all day but I’ll tell you the main point and you can mess with settings. Basically what it does is when you activate it from one of it’s many ways, it zooms out of the app, kinda like the way multiple webpages display in Mobile Safari, and you can flick left and right through what’s running. It also triggers the app you’re currently in to run in the back ground. Here’s some screenshots and a quick video demo. The apps free so check it out and if there’s something you don’t like, make sure you check all the features and options ’cause a lot of it can be changed.



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  1. This is a great application. I’ve used it on my 3G and recently my 3GS, but I’ve gotta say, the performance starts to get laggy after use. The developers have said updates are coming, so hopefully this includes performance enhancements. If you want a great multitasking manager, I recommend Kiriake. It’s in the form of a list view and there are also customizable options for how to activate the list and tabs for active apps, favorties, spotlight or springboard.

  2. do you still need to install backgrounder in order for this app to work?

  3. Abit late lol. I have been using this over a month ago. It’s better than any of the paid mult task apps in cydia.

  4. I use this as my full-time app switcher, though Doug’s point about lag is well taken. I found that turning off the “rounded corners” feature results in substantial speed-up.

  5. Just installed and looks very promising! Thanks for the review

  6. I’ve been using this for about a month as well and it’s just great! Haven’t notice any lag on my 3GS and I have the rounded corners feature on. Really this is an absolute must for iPhone owners.

  7. thats the smoog theme

  8. the theme is called Color Signal Bars on cydia. does anyone know which cydia package for the blue wifi signal? the one on cydia has signal dots underneath it

  9. Nijsi (dutch) says

    great tool man !! i installed it !!
    How dit you removed te battery icon in the status bar?
    And wich theme do you use in the settings menu??