ProTrack Recorder for iPod Touch

We recently posted a video of a great demo of an app called “Everyday Looper”. One of our readers commented on the video posting a link to another video with someone using this app to make an awesome recording. What’s even more awesome is the accessory he’s using to record. Check out the video and then we’ll check out the hardware:


The device is called ProTrack and it connects to a few different models of iPods. What I’m interested in is the iPod Touch connectivity. I do a lot of live recording and with two XLR inputs, two 1/4″ jacks and 2 live mics, this thing is sweet! They only run $200 which isn’t bad considering alternatives. Of course you do have to buy an iPod touch but if you already have one then you’re all set. I was really hoping for iPhone support so when I went looking around I found the iPhone noted in some comments on an accessory. I’m guessing if you turn on airplane mod you’ll be fine. Here’s a video demo of the app and a link to the manufacture’s website.


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  1. This guys is pretty good. I subscribed to his YouTube and noticed he has a new video which shows the Protrack a little more.

    Watch it here