List of Applications Compatible with Jailbreak

CydiaHere is a list of apps that have been either confirmed or denied working with the new iPhone 4, iOS firmwares and jailbreak. This is info gathered by the community so if it conflicts with your device, please let us know.

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  1. Addition’s iPhonemodem doesn’t work on ios 4.0 devices

  2. QuickLock crashes the Springboard (3G[S] on 4.01)

  3. anyone noticing that the modmyi source isn’t working right now? their site is pretty slow too, so i’m sure it’s just a traffic thing – but i’m really hoping i’m not the only one with this problem heh. i’m at work and our work connection isn’t exactly reliable.

  4. I couldn’t get MX Tube to work.

    • It doesn’t work on ios4 yet he had an app on the AppStore if u were lucky to get called mitube

  5. D'Andre Ladson says

    Five Icon Dock is not working, seems to install just fine; however no icon
    on Springboard or under Settings.

    • Five icon dock is working fine for me. It never had an icon or settings you just drag a fifth icon into the dock.

    • I though the same thing. “never had an icon or setting”. It worked fine for me

  6. tomcrown1 says

    sborganizer does not work and pkgbkup does not work. They will not read anything from Iphone 4 in other words no ides on what you have installed

  7. has anyone been able to get quickreply to work on the iphone 4? i cant get mine to even install

  8. multi icon mover works fine on my iphone 4

  9. Intelliscreen works

  10. Backgrounder does the same thing the “multitasking” on iOs 4 does – I enable backgrounder on talk radio app and it’s stops playing. Any thoughts?

  11. I think the two “unlim” apps are mixed up. I have an iPhone 4 version 4.01, unlimvideos is working flawlessly but it s unlimtones that crashes on start up.

  12. Shaiful Baker says

    Works well on my phone… How do i doit,i try so many times using link from tweeter but it fails!!! Then i closed the twitter and open safari. Type in the url and wallah,the download menu appear!!hahaha.. Thanks comex..u r helpfull..

  13. Open terminal crashes everytime I open it. Any ideas?

    • You can always use terminal from a computer and run this comand “ssh root@ipaddress” that’s what I did to change my root passwd

  14. Modmyi seems to be up and running again.

    Longitude doesn’t work; installs fine but doesn’t update.

    Lock Calendar works.

    Are there apps that don’t work with the jb but do with another type of jb?

  15. Status notified crashes my Springboard as well, goes into safe mode and doesn’t come out until I uninstall

  16. No download manager- therefore no dtunes!

  17. Action Menu doesn’t work with iOS4. I hope they update it soon!

  18. being able to jailbreak the iphone makes the iphone4 almost the perfect phone my only issue is flash i dont see why the dev team doesnt work with adobe to get something done.. dont you guys think they should do something together!!

  19. Is anyone getting the “Low Disk Space” popup on their i’s?

    I’ve only got: biteSMS, SBSettings, MIM, iFile, Terminal and GV Mobile installed and the SBSettings menu shows only 92Mb available on / and 8608 MB on /var – but when I was previously jailbroken using Spirit (don’t know if it makes a difference) the memory would be something like 2042Mb available on /

    I don’t know if Jailbreakme vs. Spirit designates your Cydia apps to a different directory which gave me the difference in disk space available. If you have any ideas, I would be grateful.

  20. noobsession says

    Where can I get Mobile Terminal version 426??
    Because my Cydia only show version 364.1-10