i101 – Episode 15

Apple iPhone SchoolHere’s the show notes from Episode 15. If you’d like to watch video of the entire announcement from Apple, here’s the link: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2010/

Show Notes

iOS 4.1
– proximity, faster 3G
HDR photos
– takes 3 pictures
Upload HD Video
TV show rentals
Game Center
– multiplayer games
iOS 4.1 Out Next week for iPhone and iPod touch next week

iOS 4.2 for iPad (out November)
wireless printing
every new feature to iPad
folders, backgrounding

– stream music, photos video to devices from computer

– All new design for all models of iPods

iPod Nano touch
– touch screen, 24 hour battery life, has own apps but not apps store,
rotate screen with two fingers

iPod Touch
– retina display, a4, gyro, front facing camera (facetime), rear camera,
hd video recording, 960×720, iPhone 4 1600×1200

iTunes 10
– new logo, ping (social network for music), top ten download of friends,
concert integration, ping shows up in iTunes for iOS devices!

Apple TV Update
– Hollywood movies & TV Shows, HD, Lower prices, not a computer,
– 1/4 the size, black, HDMI, Wifi 802.11N, Ethernet
– movie &TV rentals, no storage, all HD (when available) stream from computer
– netflix, youtube, flickr, mobileme, stream from computer
– Stream video from iOS device to Apple TV, control from iDevice


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  1. Again WOW!