i101 – Episode 19

ifixit teardown of iPod touch – 256mb ram, no vibrate
iOS 4.1 – Should I update? – Jailbreak apps!
Site crashing
new griffin case
New App Store Terms – google voice back, adobe is happy

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  1. You were like “oh there’s a jailbreak! Oh wait, I mean..” haha Great video! definitely love to see a couple talking about tech :)

  2. As far as the web site crashing, it seems to only happen on the main page. I found that if I’m quick enough, I can hit a link to one of the articles and that page loads just fine. For me at least, it only crashes when I try to let the main page load completely.

    • Forgot to add, I can also hit the X to stop the page loading and it stays open too. Hope this helps you guys.