Verizon to Sell iPad & MiFi Bundle October 28th

Verizon recently announced they will soon begin selling the iPad starting October 28th. First off, do not be confused, the model they will be selling will be wifi only and will come with their mobile hotspot they call MiFi. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a wireless, battery powered wifi router, about the size of a credit card, that gets it’s internet from the cell phone towers.

Verizon MiFi

Verizon MiFi

So, to be clear, the iPads that Verizon will be selling will be wifi only and will not have the ability to receive data from Verizon on their own without using the MiFi device. The battery life of the MiFi is somewhere between 3 & 4 hours and the iPad is somewhere near 10 hours.


16GB iPad (wifi) + MiFi Hotspot = $629
32GB iPad (wifi) + MiFi Hotspot = $729
64GB iPad (wifi) + MiFi Hotspot = $829

Verizon Data Pricing

1GB for 30 days = $20 ($20 per 1GB more)
3GB for 30 days = $35 ($10 per 1GB more)
5GB for 30 days = $50 ($10 per 1GB more)

AT&T Data Pricing

To give you a comparison, here is AT&T’s data prices
250MB for 30 days = $14.99 ($14.99 per 1GB more)
2GB for 30 days = $25 ($25 per 2GB more)

Here are a few more points of interest:
– best value with Verizon is the 5GB for $50 equaling $10 per GB
– best value with AT&T is 2GB for $25 equaling $12.50 per GB
– no pre-order option
– visit to sign up for email notification once available
– only available through Verizon stores or Verizon online
– month to month only, no contract
– Verizon will also sell the wifi version with out the MiFi for normal Apple pricing
– this data pricing does not apply if you already have a MiFi and want to buy an iPad from Verizon
– iPad and MiFi does not work on 4G

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