Dev-Team Releases New Hactivation Method

The Dev-Team has announced a new hactivation method. The new method means “you get the full benefit of push applications, and your battery life increases substantially.” They have implemented the method into an updated redsn0w (links below). Check out what the Dev-Team has to say about this new hacivation method below.

Update #6: Developer @sbingner (author of TetherMe) has made some excellent progress devising a new hactivation method that kills two birds with one stone for all you ultrasn0w unlockers. His tool, “Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM)” tricks your iPhone and iTunes into creating legitimate activation tickets even though you’re unlocked with ultrasn0w. This means you get the full benefit of push applications, and your battery life increases substantially. If you’d like to try it out, check out

To help make it easier to try out @sbingner’s tool, we’ve updated redsn0w to include a new “Deactivate” option for the 3G and 3GS. Use this option *after* you’ve installed SAM…it will remove the normal patches made to lockdownd and let SAM take over. (sbingner plans on making a button to do this within SAMPrefs too). Great work, @sbingner!

The new redsn0w with the “Deactivate” option is at:
* Windows (Windows 7 and Vista users, please run redsn0w as Administrator in “XP Compatiblity Mode”)

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  1. This Hackivation, is a bunch of hoowey. I followed the instructions to the letter.

    But then it says:” With SAM and SAMPrefs installed; install openssh and secure shell into your phone. Run “stockify” and it will revert your lockdownd to a stock lockdownd”

    This is not only unclear, but I have been to multiple blogs and the question everyone seems to be asking is ” How do I run stockify”?

    I finally ran the latest version of Redsn0w 6b and I was able to upgrade my base board to 6.15 and with repo666, Ultrasn0w the phone unlocked in less than 5 minutes,