iPad mini: First Look

I recently got my hands on the iPad mini and for the few minutes I used it, I really like it. The first thing I noticed was how compact and thin it felt. After holding it, my iPad 3 with a leather case feels bulky. The next thing I had to check out was the screen. It has the same resolution as iPad 1 & 2, 1024×768 but squished into a smaller area making it look clearer. I’ll have to admit, I have the iPad 1 and 3 and I can really tell how blurry 1 looks since using the iPad 3, an iPhone 5 and a retina Macbook Pro 15″. The iPad mini doesn’t seem blurry though. Although it’s not a full retina display, which on the iPad 3 is 264dpi, the iPad mini is at 162dpi. The iPad 1 is at 132dpi. I’ll also have to admit that I didn’t spend a lot of time using it. I didn’t go and look at high resolution photos or watch an HD video. I did however check out the keyboard. It is definitely easier to type on with two thumbs than the full size iPads.

iPhone 5 & iPad mini

The iPad mini that I held also had the new smart cover from Apple which I also really liked. Overall, I would definitely recommend the iPad mini if you’re looking at buying one for yourself or as a Christmas gift. I am a little bummed about the price starting at $329. I think the new iPod touch, iPad mini and the iPad 2 are overpriced. What do you think? Have you held one? Did you buy one?

iPhone 5 & iPad mini & iPad 3

iPhone 5 & iPad mini & iPad 3

Learn more at http://www.apple.com/ipad-mini/overview/

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  1. I think it’s too small for me. I messed around with one at a Best Buy store yesterday and bought the 4 instead. I sold my 3. I pretty well sit in one place using a tablet, so smallness for the sake of mobility is not an issue. It has an outdated processor, a decent display, but not Retina, and the next version will have Retina for sure, so the minute that is introduced, I’ll be eating my heart out, looking for a buyer. So as nice as it is, I passed. Again, I found it too small after using the standard size up to now.