How to get Cydia on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

When you jailbroke your iPhone or iPod Touch, the Cydia application was automatically added to your iPhone. It was added to your iPhone’s SpringBoard with the rest of the stock applications like Calendar, Maps, Weather etc.

So, in order to get Cydia onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will first need to jailbreak your device. You can check out our f.a.q page for more information on jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. My phone is jailbroken but it has not cydia on it. Can anyone give a reason why? Please and thank you

  2. Well I don’t now ether

  3. Hi what will happen to my itouch if I jailbreak it will I lose the warranty or something? Im worried if like its legal or not…

  4. if I jailbreak my iPhone, will it mess up my phone, or make me lose anything?

    • your phone will be fine belive me its just an upgrade that wont do harm to your iphone,ipad.ipod etc. :)

      • Jojo McClan says

        That’s bull. Pretty good chance the phone/ device will crash and never reopen. JailbreakIng is something that should never ever have been started. The reviews are few, but the damage that was done is so much. Look around. Just think about it. Jailbreak. Let me give you my insight. Don’t do it.

      • Reid Bullock says

        Jailbreaking is awesome thing those who talk badly about it generally did not know what they are doing. I have had issues with Cydia and different navigational things with the unlock as I work for a cell phone company and am a little more android programmed to issues. If you are happy with your phone then you should not be looking at this blog, if not then download the jailbreak and enjoy the hassles and rewards of the average person figuring out how and what to do with the programs at hand. If you want this to be a quick fix and walk away DO NOT JAILBREAK, if you enjoy possibilities and the freedom to do customizable little things with your iPhone use absinthe 2.0 for 5.1.1 or earlier. It is an adventure and a nerds hard on but if their is nothing about your iPhone that you dont like you are just curios…… stop dont do it because there are programming steps along the way……..


  5. Hi- I’d like to jailbreak my iPhone but would like to know do I perform the action directly from my phone or home PC?

    What jailbreak is recommended, website? Any information would be great!!! Thanks

  6. hey i need help jailbreaking my iphone 3g. any website suggestions?

  7. I was on spirit, want to jail break button is not working. Can u help me?

  8. i bought my phone jailbroken and i dont have Cydia

  9. how do you get a jailbrake

  10. Is it wroth jailbreaking my iPod touch 4g not sure

  11. So is it wroth it to jailbreaking my iPod touch 4g

  12. i used absinthe 2.0 and succesfully jailbroke my iPod touch 3g, i opened cydia and it said it was finding files or something like that it then blank screened and reloaded my iPod however when i unlock my iPod cydia isn’t there and i cant rejailbreak because it says my iPod is allready jailbroken, and i have no idea why it is doing this

  13. i had my cydia on my iphone but when i upgrade it the cydia gone, how can i get it back?

  14. DUDE THIS WONT WORK. I have a jail broken iPod but Cydia will NOT work.

  15. Dang people. Jailbreaking is not illegal, and use redsn0w for jailbreak it is simple

  16. if i jailbreak my iphone will i
    loose any thing

  17. I need to get cydia on my phone I’ve got the 6.0bater but it doesnot come with cydia can eney one help my plz plz

  18. my lock button is broken is there any other way to jailbreak it

  19. i needed cydia for ipod 3.1.3

  20. Duncanuzumaki101 says

    Ok i got the Iphone 3gs i been having it since it came out and my iphone have cydia on the phone i never knew what it was but know i knew know but i desided to upgrade/upload my iphone to IOS 6.0 i used to have IOS 3.0.0 but when i upgraded my phone i don’t have cydia on my iphone 3gs no more how can i get it need help

  21. What does jail broken mean?

  22. i need cydia for iphone 4

  23. i have cydia icon on 4s does it mean its jaibroken

  24. It is very bad

  25. How do I get cydia I can’t seem to get it I’ve trid every thing

  26. And with out jail brake

  27. ------------------ says

    I have try so many things to get cydia and nothing work! Not this ether! I just must have cydia!

    From a girl in Norway!

  28. === Listen to me =====
    If you don’t know how to do it….. DONT DO IT!!!.
    Find yourself a person who has experience in this.
    It’s works, it’s good and…… It’s LEGAL.
    But it has a number of steps that you CANT ignore.

  29. how do u download the cydia

  30. download blackra1n or redsnow or if that doesnt work download quickpwn to your computer plug phone or ipod in make sure u read instructions on the website and click jail break and install cydia if u want it installed on your phone or ipod use redsnow it works for all generations you just have to download the right ios version when you do it and it should work

    • download blackra1n or redsnow or if that doesnt work download quickpwn to your computer plug phone or ipod in make sure you read instructions on the website and click jail break and install cydia if u want it installed on your phone or ipod use redsnow it works for all generations you just have to download the right ios version when you do it and it should work. i am 10 years and i know all that

  31. Idk if I shood get jailbreak 4 my fone! Do the upsides out weigh the down sides?

  32. how do u download cydia

  33. frnds i instll camera wallpaper fom cydia and then my iphon is not strt just prossecing please help wht to do..

  34. harry easton says

    how do yuo jailbreak your ipod touch

  35. When is jailbreak coming back abd if it is whats the easiest way

  36. My phone is jail broke but won’t let me download cyida. WHY

  37. My phone is iphone 4, 16GB. version 6.1(10B144) but won’t let me download cydia. why ??

  38. AMAZINGGIRL! says

    why cant i find cydia in the app store?

  39. Cheesy Peacocks says

    I have iPod touch 5th generation, It doesn’t come with cydia like my old one. What do I do? I have to figure out how to jailbreak but if it doesn’t work I need to know

  40. how to get cydia on my iPhone 4 6.1.2? cant get that cydia ,

  41. how to download cydia on my i4

  42. I jailbroke my phone and cydia on my iTunes it doesn’t show up on my phone. How can I bring it to my phone for I can use it!

  43. OK so do you all think redsnOw or envasiOn is better

  44. how can i get cydia w/o jailbreaking?

  45. why in my ipod touch don’t install cydia?

  46. Jailbreak

  47. Jose Oscana says

    Please anybody help I have an iPod touch 4g 6.1.3 iOS I’ve tried redsn0w , Evasi0n , and none of them work for 6.1.3 iOS does anybody know a good website please help me

  48. Garrett Ellis says

    Is jailbreakme free?

  49. Maya Moulton says

    Soo i jailbroke my phone but cydia never came on my phone? what do i doo?

  50. Once you jailbreak your phone, the phone will boot up normally. Wait for it to power on successfully; you won’t see Cydia. Turn it off. Get back to redsn0w, go to “Extras”, then choose “Just Boot”. Follow the instructions from then on. If you do it successfully, Cydia will now appear in your phone along with the other apps. If not, then keep doing the “Just Boot” process.

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