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Othello Developer’s description of app: Othello (Reversi) game for the phone.

Othello is a game in the Installer.app available through the Conceited Software Source. For those of you who know how to play Othello this app is exactly that! The point of the game is to get as many white disks on the board by the end of the game as possible (you are white…your iPhone is black). To move your chip, just tap on the square you would like to move it to. Once the board is filled a screen pops up telling who won and the score. To play again just tap OK. However, if the one of the players runs out of moves, the game kind of freezes and doesn’t say that no one can move or give you the option to play again, you just have to close the game and go back into it to play again. Here are some screenshots:

Othello Othello Othello Othello Othello Othello

AppleiPhoneSchool’s Othello Articles:
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