Diagnostics – Test Your MFLOPS

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Diagnostics Ever since converting from a Windows Mobile device, I have been extremely impressed with how well the iPhone handles the opening and closing of so many different applications. With all of my previous Windows devices, I would always have to perform a soft reset every so often, and the more programs I installed and opened, the more frequently these soft resets were required. Since owning the iPhone, I’ve performed only a handful of resets (power off/on) and I can easily go weeks without ever shutting down the phone. Thus, I’ve wondered what exactly is going on under the hood, so to speak, with the iPhone.

With Diagnostics, you get a quick snapshot of how your iPhone is performing, as the application relies on a single measurement called MFLOPS (Mathematical Floating Operations Per Second). While I’m no computer expert, a quick Google search reveals that MFLOPS is a common benchmark used to measure a computer’s performance power, though there is some disagreement among experts about the relevance of such a measurement. The Diagnostics app takes about 30-45 seconds to measure your MFLOPs, and gives you a reference for what is considered to be a normal value. [Read more…]