What is Cydia?

Cydia is an application that allows you to add other applications to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

A stock devices comes with many applications from Apple like: Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings, iTunes, App Store, Phone, Mail, Safari, Voice Recorder, Compass and iPod.

Cydia is similar to the App Store in that it will allow you to add many more applications such as: games, networking applications, productivity applications…etc. It also allows you to change the look of your iPhone. You can select from a variety of themes that change your icons, wallpaper, dock and status bar. You can even use an application called WinterBoard to changes things like your dialer keypad, your Chat bubbles, the color of the WiFi and Signal bars…etc.

In order to get Cydia on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you will need to jailbreak it. For instructions on how to jailbreak your device, see our f.a.q Page.

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  1. Hello there, how do I install openssh to my iPad? I had been trying to figure it ou the whole day and I am. Not getting the answers. Please let me know

  2. how can i understand i phone basic and its programs. plz help me in this work

  3. Arif@brunei says

    Is the installation free?

  4. Will you get in trouble from apple? It sounds to good to be true…they can’t stop your site.?
    I would like to download the site. How do you it? And it will work ? All the time..
    Thanks jack

  5. Can someone please answer my questions? I’m getting an iPod touch 4g (32 gb but i don’t think that matters) and i’m thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking my (soon to be) iPod.
    I’m not a tech wizard so try to use an easy to follow explanation. (Thanks!) 1. Can you get free apps from the apple store? 2. Is it free? 3. Do songs still cost money? 4. Can you get wifi on it? (This is my most important question, I was told by a couple of people that I could get free wifi when I jailbreak my iPod. Is this possible?) Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to help! :)

  6. I recently jailbroke my iphone 3gs. It took the entire night for it to work. However it caused my phone to freeze then i couldnt turn it off. the next morning, my phone was dead and I plugged it in, only to find my battery bar (which was a relief as my phone was working again) It now works however I have not used any cydia features yet. I am just happy my phone is not broken. I will write again once i use a cydia feature. thanks


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  9. hello, i want to unlock my iphone3gs, that is now locked on vodafone network, but i want to use it on o2network, can you please tell me how to do that thank you

  10. nathan westall-reece says

    isn’t it highly illegal

    • Gary Seven says

      According to the recent adjustments made to the DMCA (Digitial Millenium Copyright Act), you are allowed to jailbreak your devices. It is officially legal.

  11. I went to the site, but i can’t install it from there. I’m doing something wrong. Can someone please help me and tell me where i can download this app?

  12. how do you instal cydia???????????

  13. Hitesh Vanecha says

    Hello Sir,

    I want to install skype in my iphone Iphone 3G IOS 4.1 by cydia. Please help me and email me how can i install skype by cydia.

    Thank you.

  14. I have a iPhone 3GS. am not able to make any outgoing calls. however am getting incoming calls. what could be the problem?

  15. hey i am nt able to replace the caller tune of my choice from the playlists for iphone 4
    i have tried enough bt still cant figure it out
    just help me someone

  16. @Ramesh its not a big problem get it fixed by ur local community engineer

  17. Hi,I have an Iphone 4 ..Just bought it from a friend and it had cydia installed in it.Im nt a tech guy and im nt quite sure what cydia is.Some of my friends told me it slows down ur iphone and stuff.Can u help me with what actually cydia does ?? please

    • Cydia is just an addition. it’s like a JB version of the app store. Cydia allows you to make the i phone the way it should be by installing tweaks and apps that make it more customizable and functional. I have a boat load of apps & tweaks from Cydia and I have never really had a problem with the phone being slow ( i phone 4 8 GB ). I have heard that ” winterboard ” slows down the phone but I have never really had an issue with it being slow. Just be careful what you install. Make sure you install one tweak or app at a time and make sure it is compatible. if it’s not just uninstall it and move on. once you JB and learn what Cydia can do for your phone you will NEVER want a regular i phone again !

  18. hy guys in my cydia its showing tht “this device is in pending TSS queue ”
    now wht do i do plz help me out

  19. hi i am Using ipod tuch 3.1.3 But How to install installers.

  20. the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed …..
    Pl tell me what i done this type massage came …

  21. can anyone tell me if after you install sydia and down load pad net can i uninstall syria and still use planet ?

  22. hmmmm i’ve got cydia in my mobile but i dnt hav ny idea hw m i supposed to dwnload apps… can i download whatsapp?! nd is it true dat aftr my mobil has been jailbroken it dsent get updated?!!

  23. Jim Vallandingham says

    I would like to have mywi and pdanet both but when I install one the other goes away???

  24. cydia has stopped my phone working could you please help me?

  25. how can i double click on my iphone

  26. PeteR D Asige says

    I would Jb my 3GS because the upgrade to iOS 6 has given
    No Service searching… So no phone just wifi. Saw the videos which fix this
    BUT my power button doesn’t work as new so I cannot put it into off.

  27. KEISHA ' KAY says

    Do anyone know if redsn0w a good jailbreak

  28. Can you use Cydia w/o jailbreaking your ipod touch??

  29. okay

  30. ok

  31. Hey how to install Cydia in my Iphone 4s ?? Email me a video please!!

  32. raam saan rai says

    i want to unlock my iPhone with SAM, when i was in process,”attempt activation” was not Done, if i do that notice appears and say,”Activation Rejected… you must select the orginal carrier SIMID of your phone”. Now the Problem is, how to get orginal carrier SIMID?? i have lost my at&t sim which came with my iPhone, if anybody know then answer me, or send me mail in my id

  33. Can you tell me if downloading Cydia affects the parental restrictions on the iPod? Is my child going to be able to download any unsensored material? Or are the restrictions going to be working?

  34. This has nothing to with cyndia. But since you guys have a lot of knowledge bout apple , jailbreaking and stuffs Id like to ask you on how to install an ios6 to my 4.2.1 ipod4th gen.

  35. Uche Joakim says

    I dnt knw how to download apps using Cydia pls can u help me???

  36. hi frndz
    i have iphone 4s running ios 6.0.1.how i jailbreak my iphone plzzzzzzzzzz help me anybody

  37. can i do in iphone 4 /4s in ios 6.1 ??

  38. I upgrade my iphone 3GS from earlier version iOS 4.1 to iOS 5.1.1 and installed skype, fring and viber, but none of them open up when i tap on the icon. How do i solve this problem? Can someone help me please?

  39. Courtney says

    I installed Cydia on my iPhone 3G , but I can’t seem to update my iOS to iOS 5 or above, and I don’t know how to do it.. Can someone help?

  40. i have iphone 3g, i tried to instal a theme , but it couldnt n now biggest problem is my phone s not showing network at all, can anybody pls help of wit dis issue…

  41. I want to install cydia? Can it be done without jailbreaking it??? kindly reply…

  42. Cydia needs root access to run and install tweaks. Therefore, the only way to get cydia is to jailbreak.

  43. hello thr..i hav iphone4 n my network seems to b not reachable …somebody told its due to carrier lock can anyone help to remove this carrier lock?

  44. I got an iphone 4 from my brother cos he got an iphone 5. He said he had done a jb but wasn’t sure he had unlocked it. So he says I should unlock with the cydia he installed on it (I want to use it with another carrier in another country). The cydia icon has a small 2 on a red round background attached to the upper right side, what does this mean. And when I try clickin it, it doesn’t open. Can anyone help please. I need to unlock my phone!

  45. My iphone 3GS was jailbroken and had Cydia installed but now it shows that it has pending updates but when I click on it nothing happens. It says that they cannot be updated so I just left it alone. Shouldn’t it update automatically when I request it to do so? I’m not a tech genius. I don’t even bother to install apps because I don’t want to ruin my phone or lock it…I know I’m not enjoying my phone’s full potential. What would be your recommendation?

  46. How 2 be uploaded videorecorder from cydia,in my iPhone 3GS ……..pls tell me and also tell dat downloded to apps

  47. Does it couses damage

  48. Just got a 4s and not really happy with it. Wouldn’t it be easier to get a droid or windows phone then go through all this???
    I am not a techie but want all this cydia stuff I have been reading about. I just got the phone so don’t want to invalidate the 1 year warranty though. I have read you can reinstall the apple software.
    Like I said, I’m not a techie…at least not yet…and don’t want to be paranoid, I just don’t want to get in too deep and not be able to swim.
    Any ideas?

  49. hi there
    i have a iphone 4s with ios 7.0.4 and i would like to know about that how to install cydia on my iohone 4s do u have any links or something like that i have tried many things but i can’t understand how to install cydia i wanna install iprotect app in my iphone 4s even i have download cydia app .rar format but i m not able to install it so please let me know the process

  50. how to install the cydia ?
    please forward me

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