DockDeveloper’s description of app: An addition to the iPhone UI. Drag from the bottom-right corner sunburst to switch between all of your apps.

The Dock is a third party application that allows you to launch apps from a small little sunburst in the lower right corner of your screen. Watch this video for more info:

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Developer’s Site

Download Dock Here or install through AppTapp.

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  1. the bugs are pretty bad though…

    – Doesn’t show unread SMS / Mail / Voicemail on the icons
    – Doesn’t show date on calendar
    – Doesn’t support people who hide their iPhone’s natural beauty with cases
    – Can’t switch out of YouTube and iPod applications because sunburst is hidden
    – Dock is NOT compatible with iFuntastic’s homescreen switching / wallpapering.
    – Switching away from NESapp doesn’t work, NESapp stays open. You have to quit NESapp with the Home key before switching again

    • ah, actually these bugs are only for the app itself, it does not affect the springboard icons…so no worries. I originally thought it would affect the unread SMS/Mail/Voicemail icons on my springboard desktop…but na

  2. Hang on… Why does his screen scroll up and downwards instead of the usual left to right page?? Anyone knows how to do that??

    Back to the actual question, does Dock conflict with any apps?

  3. It wont install b/c it says MAIN SCRIPT ERROR. What does that mean b/c 2 other updates wont install for the same reason. HELP!

  4. Wait, I mean it says:

    Main Script Execution Failed!

    Any idea’s?