New SummerBoard Video Posted

We’ve created another new video, this one is showing how Summerboard works.

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  1. There is problem with the latest version of Summerboard (3.0-a11) for 1.1.1 will reset the phone constantly if you enable the “Dim Wallpaper” option.

  2. got a question about summerboards springboard extended screens i seen on this video and thot cool and downloaded sumerboard for my iphone and the prob is i dont get the extended screen switching just a scrolling up and down. is this becuase my iphone is on version 1.0.2? .. also it said there was an update but when i clicked to update it said sorry i need to be on 1.1.1 .

    i take there is no screen switching with the dots and just scrolling up and down on my version? or is it posbible to do it?

  3. ModFreak,

    Yes, the extended SpringBoard with the little white dots at the bottom is there because we are on version 1.1.1. On version 1.0.2 the SpringBoard scrolls up and down (it was very hard to get used to the new scrolling when I updated from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1). As far as I know…there is no way to change how SummerBoard scrolls in 1.0.2. Also, the SummerBoard update was for version 1.1.1 so, you are right, it will not work with your version. But, SummerBoard is still cool no matter what version you run!!