New Video – Customize

You can find more information on Customize at

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  1. I cant get customize to save the changes, for example when i change the carrier logo, it doesnt save, what can i do to get this to work, i did everything the video did step by step, except when the carrier logo is changed and i press the home button nothing happens.

    please help


  2. Do you have BSD Subsystem installed?

  3. Great Video!!!

    I’m having the same issue as Hiten. I can change other various image sets, but when it comes to carrier logo I can select but it wont change. Not sure if this is because i’m using a 1.0.2 iphone thats unlocked…

    I have BSD installed aswell…please let me know if you have a solution! This is way easier than going through WinSCP

  4. What version of Customize are you running? The newer version may not work properly on 1.0.2. Is there are reason you’re not upgrading to 1.1.1?

  5. im using 1.13…maybe i should try and find a older version and try to install it

  6. hello sorry im a noob to this but where can i get customize at?
    email me pleas thanx

  7. I was messing with customize on my iphone and didn’t like a couple changes i made, but couldn’t get it back to the way it was before. I uninstalled customize hoping it’ll revert back to the way it was before i installed customize. turns out that made things worse. now i have absolutely no icons on there and all i can do is turn my iphone on and off. i can’t even go back into Installer to reinstall Customize. can anyone help me???

  8. Hey I just made customize work and noticed that my at&t logo don’t work.
    I have BSD Subsystem and all that. How can I get this work and where can I get more images for the logos. Plus, can I change the fonts for the banner?
    Please email me.