Crashed iPhone

Today, I was just waiting for some CDs to copy and I decided to browse to see if there was anything I wanted to install. I found a couple add-ons for Customize (from non-standard sources) and then I found a ringtone called CTU, from the TV show 24. I had it installed before but forgot that I was on v1.0.3 at the time. I remember reading that v1.1.1 changed how ringtones worked and that older ringtone apps wouldn’t work. So, basically I crashed my iPhone. Here is a video of what it looked like.

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  1. Got a question? I recently added some of the cool features at and it is working fine but sometimes my iphone act “weird”. Let’s say im texting someone and then suddenly it will go back to the main screen. And then when i click on txt again, it will keep going back to the main screen and after the third time my iphone will crash..

    Can someone explain what’s happening to my iphone?