LightDeveloper’s description of toy: Turn your iPhone into a flashlight.

This app opens to a plain white screen. This may seen completely pointless but, it works PERFECT as a flashlight!! Is is just enough light for when you are trying to walk around a dark house before you go to bed or trying to to check on a baby without waking them up (which I have used it for many many times)! So simple, yet so handy. Light is available through the Ste Packaging source. Here are some screenshots:

Light SpringBoard Light

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  1. lol this is a great idea. i found myself trying to do this by just turning my phone on but it turns off right away. so instead of installing an app i just made a picture the size of an iphone wallpaper (320×480) so it fills up the whole screen, so when i need a light, just go into photos. one extra step, but then i don’t have to install something. it doesn’t seem to shut off so it works perfectly fine this way. thanks.