New Dock Icon

Dock We would just like to say thank you to “dalethefarmer” for the VERY SWEET new dock icon that he designed for us. It matches a lot better than the screenshot we were previously using to link to our dock page! Keep an eye out for some of his other icons in our Icons page.

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  1. Rafael Barbosa says

    I made some icons, but my computer can’t email them! Can i upload in imageshack and put in a comment like this one?

  2. Why do you need a icon for dock. it doesnt show up on summerboard. it runs in the background.

  3. Haha…no no no…I’m sorry, I guess that was kind of confusing! It was made just so that we could have it on the side of our site…before we had an ugly screenshot of the dock that didn’t match! He made it just so it matched everything else!!

    ~ Brooke

  4. Rafael Barbosa says

    Can you answer my question please?

  5. Rafael Barbosa says
  6. Hi Rafael, I emailed you about the icons. Please reply there :)

  7. Rafael Barbosa says

    I don’t have the .png version! :S
    Maybe tomorrow i will make the .png version. MAYBE!

  8. Rafael Barbosa says

    I’m sorry, my PC cannot send the emails, theres a problem whit it. I can’t answer there! Sorry!

  9. Ok, well the iPhone uses individual .png files only. Did you try to share the files online?

  10. Rafael Barbosa says

    Can I just transform the .jpeg to .png?

  11. What program are you using? They have to be individual files for each icon also.

  12. Rafael Barbosa says

    really? :/
    I think I cannot make the icons again. Sorry guys! Next time I do in .png files!