Twitter in Plain English

TwitterTwitter is getting more and more popular everyday. However, some people have yet to jump aboard. This is usually due to the fact that they do not understand what Twitter is. I found this great video (see below) over at after watching GeekBrief. One of the best things about Twitter is how well integrated it is with the iPhone. There are quite a few 3rd Party and Web Based apps that make using Twitter simple and convenient…inevitably turning you into a Twitteraholic. Below is a list of all the apps available for Twitter and the iPhone.

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iSnake Update – beta1

iSnake Tonight there was an update to iSnake in the through the ModMyiFone source. One of the first changes you will see with the update is that they changed their icon. Personally, I liked the original icon better but the new one is cool too. You will also notice that when you open the app there is a little Windows icon in the play screen…if you hit the icon you lose!! Haha…I think that is funny! The update also adds your score in the top left corner of the screen. I haven’t really figured out how the scoring works…let me know in the comments if you figure it out! It also seems that they are getting further with the HiScores setting. Now, when you tap on HiScores it brings you to a website that will display the high scores…however, it is not working yet. Overall, a pretty cool!! Here are the screenshots:

iSnake Update beta1 iSnake Update beta1
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New App – iPhoneHome

iPhoneHome iPhoneHome is a new app in the through the Ste Packaging source. This is an app that allows you to change the double tap feature of your home button. In the Settings on your iPhone under general there is a setting for your home button…you are given three option to change it to on a stock iPhone; Home, Phone Favorites and iPod. iPhoneHome allows you to change the double tap feature to any app on your iPhone or even a phone number or blank email. When you open the app you get a screen that has two options Change App and Save & Quit. Just tap Change App and it will bring up a scroll wheel of all the apps on your iPhone. Just tap on the app your would like to set as your double tap and tap Save & Quit. Your iPhone will reset and now when you double tap the home button it will take you to the app you selected. Totally Sweet!! One issue I have found is that Favorites is not an option in iPhoneHome which means if you would like to switch it back to your favorites you will have to go into your Settings on your iPhone and switch it back. Also, if you uninstall the app it will keep the double tap that you set with the app and you will have to go into your Settings and change it back as well. Overall, a really awesome app. Here are the screenshots:

iPhoneHome iPhoneHome iPhoneHome
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New App – Homework

Homework This app is available through the in the Apogee LTD Source. This is the first app for the Apogee LTD Source which normally gives us great themes and wallpapers and has now apparently decided to try their hand at apps. The Homework app allows you to keep track of your homework assignments. When you first open the app you will see; English, Math and Science. To add another subject just tap the Edit button in the top right corner then tap Add that replaces the edit button in the top right corner. A little box will pop up in which you can enter the subject name. Tapping the edit button also allows you to delete a subject or to move them around in a different order (this is done by tapping and dragging the three bars on the right side of the subject – think Customize). [Read more…]


HuaRongDao HuaRongDao is available in the through the Ste Packaging or the Soneso Sources. Many of you are wondering what in the world HuaRongDao is. Well actually, you have seen it before…it is just the game BlockPuzzle with a new look. So, if you like BlockPuzzle you might want to check out HuaRongDao to see if you would rather play it with it’s new Chinese motif!! Screenshots below:

HuaRongDao Garf HuaRongDao
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Pro Tools Remote

Ok, this is really sweet, but I don’t have Pro Tools so you’ll have to watch this vid from YouTube. It’s not available yet but the developer plans to release it once the iPhone SDK launches in February. It basically allows you to control music faders on your computer from the iPhone. See the video:


4Balls 4Balls is a new game from the Soneso source. It is similar to Connect Four. When you first open the app you have an option to play Human vs. human (so 2 player), Human vs. device (which means you get to move first) or Device vs. human (the iPhone gets to move first). You then get the option of what level you would like to play at…one through three…one being the least difficult, three the most difficult. Once you have chosen your level, the game will begin…in order to play the game correctly you will need to tilt your iPhone to the right so the ball is at the top on the page…you then move the ball above the column you would like it to go in by dragging it. Once the ball is above the correctly column just drag it down. The next player will then move. You win by getting four of your color balls in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally (the other player wins by doing the same as well…so you will want to play defense and offense). When one of the players wins a menu will pop up giving you the option to play again. Here are some screenshots:

4Balls Garf 4Balls [Read more…]


Garf Garf is a new game that came out tonight in the in the ModMyiFone source. If you have ever played Simon you will know exactly how to play Garf. The app opens and instantly begins the game…so pay attention! It starts by lighting up a color (and giving you a ton at the same time) you then have to tap on the color it just lit up. The game will then light up the first color and add another one…you have to then tap the first color and then the one it added. It continues to add more colors and you have to continue to copy it. Each time correctly copy the color pattern it brings you to the next round. [Read more…]


IP IP is an app that will show you the IP addresses for your iPhone and is available through the Soneso Repository Source. All you do is tap the app and it opens to a screen displaying your IP addresses! This is really nice, if you are like me, and are using WinSCP a lot and need to know your IP address to reconnect to it. Now, instead of going into settings then into Wi-Fi…waiting for the Wi-Fi to load…then tapping the arrow next to the Wi-Fi you are connected to and waiting for that to load, you can just open the IP app and there it is!! YAY…I love it!!! It doesn’t give you all the info that the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone do….but, it gives you the basics.


Pinging from the iPhone

Today our internet was down at work and I was running all around testing computers and routers and I kept running back to my office to ping to see if the connection was up. Then I remembered my iPhone. I opened Terminal and typed: ping It started pinging and I could tell when the connection was fixed!!! I love my iPhone :)

Pinging from the iPhone

iApp-a-Day – Drum

Drum The app for November 30th is “Drum”. Well, here I am, writing the last iApp-a-Day post (tear). I think I am procrastinating a little!! The app opens to a screen that give you a few options…to get started on the app just tap continue. Then another screen pops up that explains how the app works…just tap Start Drumming to begin. It works by holding your thumb on the drum and then moving your iPhone like a drum stick. You can move your thumb around on the drum to get different sounds. WARNING WARNING…like the Nintendo Wii…this app should have come with a wrist strap…please be careful while “drumming” we don’t want any broken iPhones!! Anyway, I do wish it sounded a little more like a drum and responded a little quicker…but, otherwise a great concept. Doug (here at thought it was fun to use two iPhones, one in each hand, and pretend to actually drum…it was funny! Ok…well, that brings an end to our iApp-a-Day’s!! :( At least you get some screenshots. :)

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Piano Update 1.5

Piano An update just came out in the for Piano to version 1.5. The update makes the piano a full octave…before it was one note short (only seven notes). I really didn’t think that the piano being a full octave would matter that much but, I must say, I do like the app better now!! It just sounds complete! I know the developer was concerned that the keys would be too small with an eighth key…I don’t think it is a problem at all. Now, what I am really wondering, is how he has time to update this app when tomorrow is the LAST iApp-a-Day…I am really sad about that!! I think I am actually getting all teared up (but, I can do that…I’m a girl!). Screenshots of the new piano:

Piano Update 1.5 Piano Update 1.5

iApp-a-Day – Bonk

Bonk The app for November 29th is “Bonk”. I personally think this app is fun…here at we have always talked about an app that things just bounce around in (after iSnake’s sweetness!! I love losing in that app!!). Then, I wake up and voilà, iApp-a-Day has done it. This app opens to a screen of seven different colored, different sized balls. They respond to the tilt of your iPhone and bounce off the walls accordingly. Not only that, but each time one of them bumps into each other or hits a wall it gives off a different tone. I am having some problems with the sound, a little staticy and weird, but you never know…we might see an update! I think I will change the background image in mine…something maybe a little more girly! (after looking at the code it looks like it should be pretty easy to change the background image…so, get modding!) Some screenshots for you:

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iApp-a-Day – Hum

Hum The app for November 28th is “Hum”. This app has 10 different frequencies of tones. You can move the slider to change each tone frequency. I think this is a great concept and could lead to some awesome apps. This app though, needs a little work…I get a ton of static and crazy sounds!! :) I also have issues if I try to play more than one tone at a time. Honestly, I don’t know much about music (that is why I write posts about the iPhone and not two-channel multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal and noise signal generators – totally goggled that, I have no idea what it is!). Anyway…from what I can tell this would be a pretty cool app it just needs a little work.
Ok…I have found out that if the app sounds staticy or weird you just need to restart your iPhone. After I restarted mine it sounded great!! You can even play more than one tone at a time! So, install away! Screenshots:

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Wallpaper Update 1.1

Wallpaper When I finally got a chance to check my tonight, I was ecstatic to see an update for Wallpaper! And it turns out that the update did exactly what I expected it to do…you can now add wallpapers from the app into your camera roll. Which is seriously sweet!! Though, I do find one huge downfall to the update…the app closes every time you select to replace your wallpaper or save it to your camera roll. Which, I think, defeats the purpose of making it so easy to save the wallpaper to your iPhone if you have to reopen the app in order to add multiple wallpapers. Maybe we will see another update?!

Wallpaper Update 1.1 Wallpaper Update 1.1