iSnake Update – beta1

iSnake Tonight there was an update to iSnake in the through the ModMyiFone source. One of the first changes you will see with the update is that they changed their icon. Personally, I liked the original icon better but the new one is cool too. You will also notice that when you open the app there is a little Windows icon in the play screen…if you hit the icon you lose!! Haha…I think that is funny! The update also adds your score in the top left corner of the screen. I haven’t really figured out how the scoring works…let me know in the comments if you figure it out! It also seems that they are getting further with the HiScores setting. Now, when you tap on HiScores it brings you to a website that will display the high scores…however, it is not working yet. Overall, a pretty cool!! Here are the screenshots:

iSnake Update beta1 iSnake Update beta1
iSnake Update beta1 iSnake Update beta1

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  1. It disappeared from the repository. Strange …

  2. I can’t find iSnake in the Games folder in Can someone please help me? I already added ModMyiFone source already.

    • It is actually available through the Ste Packaging soruce now…I’m pretty sure ModMyiFone took it out of there source. You want version alpha -0.4.0 from Ste. Should be under the games category in the Installer.

  3. I have ste its not under games. Please help.

  4. Got the same problem, no iSnake for me since I updated to 1.1.4

  5. i found the new version from an other source…
    i leave it hear the version available is alpha (Alpha 0.4.0)