4Balls 4Balls is a new game from the Soneso source. It is similar to Connect Four. When you first open the app you have an option to play Human vs. human (so 2 player), Human vs. device (which means you get to move first) or Device vs. human (the iPhone gets to move first). You then get the option of what level you would like to play at…one through three…one being the least difficult, three the most difficult. Once you have chosen your level, the game will begin…in order to play the game correctly you will need to tilt your iPhone to the right so the ball is at the top on the page…you then move the ball above the column you would like it to go in by dragging it. Once the ball is above the correctly column just drag it down. The next player will then move. You win by getting four of your color balls in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally (the other player wins by doing the same as well…so you will want to play defense and offense). When one of the players wins a menu will pop up giving you the option to play again. Here are some screenshots:

4Balls Garf 4Balls 4Balls 4Balls 4Balls

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