iApp-a-Day – Drum

Drum The app for November 30th is “Drum”. Well, here I am, writing the last iApp-a-Day post (tear). I think I am procrastinating a little!! The app opens to a screen that give you a few options…to get started on the app just tap continue. Then another screen pops up that explains how the app works…just tap Start Drumming to begin. It works by holding your thumb on the drum and then moving your iPhone like a drum stick. You can move your thumb around on the drum to get different sounds. WARNING WARNING…like the Nintendo Wii…this app should have come with a wrist strap…please be careful while “drumming” we don’t want any broken iPhones!! Anyway, I do wish it sounded a little more like a drum and responded a little quicker…but, otherwise a great concept. Doug (here at AppleiPhoneSchool.com) thought it was fun to use two iPhones, one in each hand, and pretend to actually drum…it was funny! Ok…well, that brings an end to our iApp-a-Day’s!! :( At least you get some screenshots. :)

Drum Drum Drum Drum drum

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